Reflections of light and sun peer through my window. Glimmering colors appear as sparkling arrays of diamonds and rubies as sun’s shining rays peek through. Each glimmer reminds me of hope’s last vestments seen. I celebrate this light show a creative sun source of beauty.


Reflections appear as freeze frames of past experiences. Deja vu frames dressed in innocence and light. Future hopes are clothed in colors of pinks and lavenders. Hope reminisces about past and present moments and attaches herself to an assurance of the future.


What is to become of the sights, sounds, and smells of my freeze frame events? Will the sights remain while the sounds and smells disappear? I can hear sounds of nature. The rustling of breezes through the autumn leaves. The quiet sound of blossoms falling as the cool chills the air. The smell of lavender and roses permeate my mind as I encounter the changing season’s beauty.


Reflections of past, present and future mingle with all of the sights, sounds and perfumes of the garden. Autumn’s morning crispness conspires with Summer’s memories to prolong the experiences of my mind’s eye as I beckon to these experiences to allow me communion with God’s glorious creation and His being. A song of joy fills my heart and bursts forth as praises to the Creator.

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Compassionate Father – Reflections-Day 37

Pause and Reflect…

With yesterday’s blog, I wrote that Psalm 37:7 is “Be still in the presence of the Lordand wait patiently for him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes.” but tonight I want to focus on the first part of the verse only. This is another Psalm written by David and he is addressing his people, the Israelites cautioning them to be still in the Lord and wait patiently for God to act, rather than take action into own hands. 

Next, let’s look at today’s verse and reflection about Compassionate Father, Psalm 103:13-14. 
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