Josephine’s Secret Garden


Josephine’s Secret Garden


Josephine entered her garden with thoughts of her discovery as a child. At age eight, she found her Secret Garden. Josephine knew there was something behind the large wooden gate on the estate, but it was locked. Eventually, she found the key hidden under a rock. She entered this magical place full of beauty and wonder with every imaginable flower and color.


The garden was her safe place. Josephine went there when fighting occurred at home. She hid away and played imaginary games of princesses, dragons, princes, and dungeons. As she grew older, she escaped to the Secret Garden to write stories and poems. It was still her safe place.


Older now and in her sixties, she still found solace in her garden though no longer a secret. She went daily to work on her art and writing. She was an independent, strong woman who had outgrown her fear and grown into her own.

Genre: Flash Fiction

Word Count: 154


This story was what I imagined could have happened to Josephine (Mary) when she grew older. My favorite story is “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett. For more information see The Secret Garden.

  Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy. 09-22-2015

Thank you, Graham Lawrence for the photo prompt.

Patience – Reflections-Day 36

Pause and Reflect…

In Yesterday’s blog,  I wrote about God showing us the path or way of life that gives us joy in His presence and pleasures of living forever with God in Psalm 16:11. This is another of David’s psalms and I spoke of having completed my path as a nurse and had retired. I said,

I have reared a daughter who now has her own family. I introduced her to God as a child and she continues on her path with God’s guidance. Now, retired, I follow a path of writing and support about God and other topics as well in my blogging. I have now the “fullness of joy in God’s presence” through prayer, meditation, and learning to listen to his voice when he speaks to me.

God shows you the path of life and gives you His presence in joy. Psalm 18:11, my paraphrase. Amen.

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