Soothe Your Inner Soul-Revisited

This is a revision and reblog of my post, Soothe Your Inner Soul, written in March 2015. I want to focus on the songs and music that fed my spirit and inner soul while I was recovering from my childhood sexual abuse. This music is not solely for that type of abuse but can speak to any difficulties in your life and for any type of child abuse or neglect experiences.

This blog includes two songs by different Christian artists and two playlists from artists that helped me in my healing from childhood sexual abuse. If you are not a Christian, please listen with an open heart to the messages and know that I am not preaching to you for conversion but just showing how music can speak comfort, peace, and healing. I hope that these videos and songs speak to you as they did to me, filling you with hope and healing.


Needtobreathe “Multiplied”

 Casting Crowns’ song “Does Anybody Hear Her” really spoke to me at I time when I was feeling that nobody was listening to me or cared for me. I had made some bad choices in my life and was suffering the consequences of those choices.


 Casting Crowns “Does Anybody Hear Her”

 This song, by Casting Crowns, spoke to me about trying to be strong and barely holding on. It speaks of comfort in just surrendering and letting go which I was learning to do in Al-anon with their slogan, “Let go and let God.”


 Casting Crowns “Just Be Held”

There are actually 10 tracks to the following Music Video. Listen to what you can with time constraints as they are. I encourage you to go to YouTube and search for this album if your inner child needs healing from child abuse or neglect and or you are working on reparenting your inner child. I can’t tell you the times I had fallen asleep to this music when I was healing from my abuse and even now, learning to love the inner child who felt unlovable.


Playlist “Songs For The Inner Child” Shaina Noll

 Last, is the instrumental soundtrack to “The Secret Garden.” The book and movie are wonderful and helped me when I was dealing with abandonment issues in therapy. The music has a haunting yet comforting quality and I never watch the movie that I don’t identify with the young orphan girl. If you ever get the chance to read the book or rent the video, do so. It will bless you.

Playlist “The Secret Garden Soundtrack”  

 I hope that this music has comforted you and provided healing if you need that. Music speaks to your heart and inner soul more effectively than humans do. It floats past the walls that we build to protect ourselves when we hurt. Write and let me know what you think of the music that I gifted to you on the blog.


All music is cited from Vevo and YouTube and belongs to the specific artists performing, I do not claim any rights to this music.


Path to Joy – Reflections-Day 35

Pause and Reflect…

In Yesterday’s blog, I asked some questions. Do you feel like you are in a battle? I sure do. It seems that I battle with my will to be less in the “world” as well as those who at times wage battle against me. If you feel that way sometimes, you are not alone. Many of us battle constantly the temptations that draw us away from God. In Psalm 18:2, the psalmist (David) proclaims all the characteristics of God. He is a rock, a fortress, a savior, the power that saves him, and a place of safety. This verse really is a praise song to God for what he has done.

So, it’s clear that God is with us in any battle we face. We need not fear because God has already won the battle.

As I continue Reflections until the end of September, I will do a 31 day “5 Minute Free Write” daily on October to a word prompt. I invite you to join me. It will only take 5 minutes of your day. For more information,  click here.

Let’s look at today’s verse and reflection…
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