Fear and Trust – 30 Days of Reflection-Day 30

Pause and Reflect…

Yesterday I wrote about Psalm 42:5. I said that the verse can be divided into two parts. The initial part is the first two questions…why are you downcast with David speaking to his soul, inner soul, self. 

The second part of verse 5, David is speaking to himself with another pep talk. I said that we are all guilty of talking to ourselves, giving repeated pep talks to ourselves. 

The two key parts of the verse are (1.) …downcast, O my soul…meaning depression and (2.) I will yet praise him…where the Psalmist declares that he will praise God in spite of his depression.

Lastly, today would normally end our 30 Day Blogging Challenge, but I’ve extended the Psalms study through September 30, 2015 when I will do a 31 day “5 Minute Free Write” daily to a word prompt.

Now, let’s look at the verse and reflection for today…

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