Within my life, there are many paintings
of different colors, hues, shapes, and sizes.
Each reflection so full of different moods.

Some preceded by a cross in my mind’s eye.
Visions of red and blue and yellow and black,
Each color is part of who I was; who I am.

Others are revealed to me with my brush.
Strokes short and brisk or long and smooth;
each revealed as my vision is expressed.

The vision starts and finishes within me.
My muse revealed only by my inner soul.
The brushstrokes will heal me if I allow.

As I paint by my window to the world and
my inner soul, I heal within a place of quiet.
Serenity overtakes me as I commune with God.

© Susan Langer

The words for you to choose from are:
Cross, Window, Kiss, Life, Photo, Red, Glance, Brush, Right and Heal.

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Depression and Praise – 30 Days of Reflection-Day 29

Pause and Reflect…

Yesterday, we learned about Psalm 84:10. It is another psalm of David and in this verse he describes a fact (a day in your court…better than 1000 elsewhere) and that he would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.  I included the video of “Better is One Day” that sings about the psalm.

Let’s look at today’s verse and reflection…
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