Raindrops and Hues

(c) Priceless Joy

Raindrops and Hues

Raindrops are reminders sent from Heaven
of the tears we cry throughout our lifetime as
wetness glistens against the windowpanes.

Hues of softened colors of yellows and oranges
blending together in blurring of life’s boundaries
with a randomly fragmented burst of blueness.

Sadness beckons unto each one of us to endure
centered in our oneness with God and His angels
with fluttering of angel wings stirring breezes nigh.

Each raindrop carried from heaven’s flurrying angels as
their winged descent sends them toward the glow of light.
Each softened hue of sun’s yellow and orange reminds us.

The orange hues harken to us all as autumnal festival
celebrations of harvests completed and work’s finality.
A foreshadow of winter’s rest at last to us delivered.

Our remembrance of the sun’s yellow-orange hues
leaves us with the hope of springtime delivery once
heaven’s rain returns and winter’s rest completed.

Genre: Poetry

Word Count: 149


  Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
by Priceless Joy
Week of 09-08-2015 through 09-15-2015

Counsel – 30 Days of Reflection-Day 21

Pause and Reflect…

Yesterday, I wrote that I was frustrated with the questions being asked by the challenge that I had chosen. I said,

I’m sorry for the “attitude” about the previous questions, but there seems to be a lot of repetition in the questions that I didn’t notice when I looked at this 30 day challenge.  With that, I move on to something more significant.

The driving force in my life is God. I am sure you are aware of that. He is the central part of my life and I live for Him. Psalm 42:2 (NIV) says, “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?”

I have prayed about what I should do for the remaining 9 days of this 30 day challenge and I felt God lead me to change the last nine days. I have decided to  write and reflect on verses in Psalms that I have been reading, meditating on and praying. Please forgive me for the change midstream but of the last 9 questions, only 2 were significant.

Now for today’s verse and reflection…Counsel

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