Jean Pierre


Jean Pierre

“As her mount shifted uneasily under her, she grasped the brim of her old felt Stetson, gazed upwards and remembered Jean Pierre.” 

Claire met Jean Pierre while he was working on the Eiffel Tower construction as an engineer in 1889. They met when she was in town for the Exposition. Claire was a backup for Annie Oakley in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Their time was short, but they loved each other passionately during those few short days.

When time was up for the performance at the Exposition, Claire returned to the States and Jean Pierre went on with life in Paris. He wrote by mail once…begged her to return to him. But she had dreams of a career with the Show and acting. Claire didn’t return his letter. In her thoughts, she often wondered what became of him.

Each night she returned to Paris and the Eiffel Tower in her recurring dream. Had she made a mistake? Why did the dream haunt her so?



Genre: Flash Fiction

Word Count: 144


  Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show did perform in May, 1889 at Paris’ Exposition Universelle after the inauguration of the Eiffel Tower which was in March, 1889. According to Wikipedia,

The Eiffel Tower was built between 1887 and 1889 on the occasion of the World Exhibition of 1889; the Eiffel Tower would become the monumental entrance to the exhibition. The year 1889 was not chosen by chance: it was the centenary of the French Revolution. The Eiffel Tower was on March 31 inaugurated in 1889 and on May 6 officially open. In total, 250 steel workers involved in the construction.It was remarkable for its time that no worker was killed during construction (it crashed just a worker outside working hours with his fiancee climbed the tower)

The remainder of the story is purely fictional and there were no such persons as Claire or Jean Pierre.



   My challenge is to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided. Picture prompt provided by Marcy Ayanian. Finish the story begins with:  “As her mount shifted uneasily under her, she grasped the brim of her old felt Stetson, gazed upwards and remembered Jean Pierre.”

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30 Days of Reflection-Day 17-School and Me

Pause and Reflect…

 Reflecting about what I wrote yesterday, I still don’t do surprises very well. I think it is because I lived so much with the unknown as a child, I always dreaded surprises because they were usually bad. I gave up membership in my “Have Your Ducks All In A Row” Club again (I’ve done it before and regressed again).

I did surprise my daughter and son-in-law with giving them the night out while I watch my grandchildren. They went out for dinner and had about 3 hours alone, minus to iMessages to me checking on the kids. My grandchildren behaved, watched a movie about robots, and fell asleep in that order. It was a quiet night except for Elvis Catstello, my cat knocking off plastic dinner plates and one half-filled cup of milk. No crying over spilt milk…I couldn’t resist the pun. LOL

Let’s look at today’s question and reflect…

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