Dilan’s Late Train

Dilan’s Late Train   The Dilan’s train pulled into the station an hour late. Clara anxiously awaited the arrival of her boyfriend who was returning after finishing school in New York. She missed him so. His return was long overdue. Dilan graduated two months earlier but stayed behind to finish a project. Clara wondered why he … Read more

Easy Connecting and Disconnecting: The Problems.-Reblog

I am reblogging this great post about how easy connecting and disconnecting is to existing social media today. We live in an internet age that allows us to come and go as we please with friends, circles, connections, etc. Gone are the days of building face-to-face friends. Oh, they’re still happening but much more prevalent … Read more

30 Days of Reflection-Day 14-111 Days 'til Christmas

Pause and Reflect… This first paragraph is a quote from yesterday and God is moving. I can’t tell the details and keep my daughter’s anonymity, but God is answering prayer. I left the Bible verse, Romans 8:28. It’s all good… “Yesterday was peaceful and I could feel God working in my life and that of my … Read more