Dilan’s Late Train

Dilan’s Late Train


The Dilan’s train pulled into the station an hour late. Clara anxiously awaited the arrival of her boyfriend who was returning after finishing school in New York. She missed him so. His return was long overdue. Dilan graduated two months earlier but stayed behind to finish a project. Clara wondered why he would delay his return home after being gone for over four years.

Clara watched the passengers disembarked looking for Dilan. At last she saw him leaving the train and watched as he helped a young woman off of the train. She thought to herself, “Just like him to be so helpful.” She ran toward him in time to see that the young woman talking to him. “She’s probably thanking him for his help,” Clara thought.

At last Clara reached Dilan and wrapped her arms around him. She didn’t care if it was appropriate or not. Dilan quickly moved away from Clara and reached for the young woman he had helped. “Clara, I’d like you to meet my wife,” he said. Clara was speechless!

Genre: Flash Fiction

Word Count: 175


  Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
by Priceless Joy
Week of 09-01-2015 through 09-08-2015

Easy Connecting and Disconnecting: The Problems.-Reblog

I am reblogging this great post about how easy connecting and disconnecting is to existing social media today. We live in an internet age that allows us to come and go as we please with friends, circles, connections, etc. Gone are the days of building face-to-face friends. Oh, they’re still happening but much more prevalent are our “friends” via the World Wide Web.




Writing to Discover My Self In the World

Source: Easy Connecting and Disconnecting: The Problems. | ronovanwrites


30 Days of Reflection-Day 14-111 Days 'til Christmas

Pause and Reflect…

This first paragraph is a quote from yesterday and God is moving. I can’t tell the details and keep my daughter’s anonymity, but God is answering prayer. I left the Bible verse, Romans 8:28. It’s all good…

“Yesterday was peaceful and I could feel God working in my life and that of my daughter who is dealing with some health and work issues. I know that as I write, God is working for her good in all things.(Romans 8:28). Quiet abounds in the house tonight as all are asleep except for me at 12:30 am Central time.” 

Yesterday, I admitted that I didn’t travel well, but if I was to travel, I would like to see Rome and Venice in Italy. I have never gone overseas before. My daughter while in high school flew to Rome and Venice with her class. I have no trips planned, but I would show the love of God to anyone that I met abroad.

Today’s reflection on the question is… 

Question Day 14: What is one thing I can do today to prepare for Christmas this year?

     Christmas is still a ways off in the future. Today is August 4th, so we have 111 days until Christmas. Gosh, it is closer than I thought. I am already preparing for gifts anyway. I have asked my grandchildren what they want for Christmas and they tell me something different every time I ask…and the commercials on TV haven’t even ramped up yet. I did tell them that they can give me a list of five things and I will get three on the list with the rest for Santa to give or not. They both still believe in Santa with the boy, 3-years-old and the girl, 6-years-old. 
      Christmas for us as a family is composed of three parts. The first is preparing for Christmas with decorations and cookies and shopping. The second is reminding everyone, but especially the children that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of God’s son, our savior, Jesus. The third part is the actual day of Christmas with celebration, Church attendance if there is church, family dinner, and talking with all of our friends and relatives, especially those who are not with us and are out-of-town.
      For me, Christmas is very special because I have worked through my abuse issues and can truly celebrate with family without all the old junk coming to roost, so to speak. I can honestly say that Christmas is special for me because of God and my family. One of the things we do (my daughter, my granddaughter, and myself) is to go to see “The Nutcracker.” My granddaughter takes dance, including tap, ballet, and jazz and this year I think she will love it even more than last year because she is getting older and understanding the show better. We really look forward to this as “girls night out.”
     One of my favorite Christmas verses is Isaiah 9:6-7, “…and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”
     This verse is in the Old Testament and is a prophecy of Jesus coming. It reminds me of all the names of God, especially the ones that say “Wonderful Counselor and Everlasting Father.” It is another reminder that He is my healer and my father that doesn’t abandon me. That is why I feel such peace at Christmas.
What are you doing to prepare for Christmas?
If you celebrate Celebrate Christmas, you can see the countdown at http://days.to/christmas/2015


                Luke 2:11