The Cemetery

The cemetery spread along the area known as Devils Abode.
‘Twas known to occupy the minds of man, woman and child.
A lonelier place you would never find where darkness abounds.

Nobody knows where and why it was named, “Devils Abode.”
Was it named by man, beast, ghost, or the Devil himself?
Is it accursed as they say in the Holy Book? Is it really?

Once buried there, no visitors dare enter for the fear of
condemnation, damning, and town’s excommunication.
Exorcism would not save your soul from Devils Abode.

Some say that the Devil himself fell from Heaven and landed
right there in that cemetery cursing all trespassers to death.
Others bespeak of angels’ afflictions and sacrifices for God.

Not much is known, except death and destruction preside in
Devils Abode as do the accursed, aggrieved and afflicted.
None enter nor leave alive, entrapped in malevolent dominion.

Corruption and blasphemy preside with residents each
condemned to forever reside with the Devil’s demons.
Devils Abode is a sacrificial lamb…
to the Devil and his minions.


30 Days of Reflection-Day 13-Travel

Pause and Reflect…

 Reflecting on yesterday, I continue in the Psalms and as the more I read, the more I commit some of the verses to memory. The Psalms’ poems and songs remind me to read God’s word, pray, learn, seek and praise God throughout the day and night. Yesterday was peaceful and I could feel God working in my life and that of my daughter who is dealing with some health and work issues. I know that as I write, God is working for her good in all things.(Romans 8:28). Quiet abounds in the house tonight as all are asleep except for me at 12:30 am Central time.

My reflection on today’s question is… 

Question Day 13: If money and time were no object, where would I pack up and fly to today if I could?

First, I have to admit that I do not travel well. I don’t like traveling but if I was to travel, I would like to see Rome and Venice in Italy. I have never gone overseas before. My daughter while in high school flew to Rome and Venice with her class. The pictures that she took were beautiful. I’d like to see the statues, the Vatican and what beauty that Italy have in the surrounding towns. I would use my new camera and take lots of photographs.

The verse that I claim for my travel is Psalm 139:9-10, “If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me.” 

The last concern I have about traveling to Rome and other parts of Italy is that I am disabled with my arthritis and can not do extensive walking. I would have to explore handicap travel arrangements and find out what is available and would work for me. Then, again, maybe the Lord would see fit to make that “no object” too.
One of the things that I would do while traveling is show God’s love and acceptance for other people. Maya Angelou says all with,
Where would you travel if money were “no object?”
Goodnight. I pray that you have safe travels.