30 Days of Reflection-Day 12-Focus

Pause and Reflect…

 As I reflect on yesterday and my three priorities (spiritual, financial, and physical) I am reminded that the three are intertwined. Spiritual is my walk with God on His path for me. Financial is God’s provision for me. Lastly, physical is my health and blessings from God. Today, I am asked to improve my focus on my #1 priority.
My reflection on today’s question is… 

Question Day 12: What is one thing I can do to improve my focus on my #1 Priority?

As a review from yesterday, my first priority is spiritual. My relationship with God is first. I believe that if I take care of my spiritual walk with God, He will provide. The verse I stand on is still Psalm 25:12 which says, “Who is the man who fears [shows reverence to] the Lord? God will teach him the path he should choose.”  This verse says to me that if I have a reverence toward God, then He will teach me the path that I should follow.
One thing I can do to improve my focus on God is read the Psalms daily. Staying in the word of God keeps me focused on God. Being focused on God then keeps me in the word of God. So, it is a neverending circle or cycle to infinity.


The benefits of staying in the word of God, and particularly Psalms, are that the Psalms cover the gamut of situations such as doubting, battle, forgiveness, prayer, praise, etc. to name a few. Also, the more I read and reread the Psalms, the more I commit the key verses to memory. This allows me to recall at any given moment what a verse says because it lives in my head and my inner soul.

The Psalms remind me to read God’s word, pray, learn, seek and praise God throughout the day and night. I so love the Psalms because they are scripture poems and songs. I have such a heart for poetry and music that is is impossible for me to not like Psalms. I want to share a few scriptures from Psalms and then I will close with a Psalm of Praise.

Goodnight. I pray that you focus on your #1 priority.