30 Days of Reflection-Day 11-Priorities

Pause and Reflect…

 The results from the poll are in and 67% of you want to continue the Reflections posts. So, I will continue and make every effort not to become too preacherly. Remember that this is my journey of Reflections and I encourage you to take your own journey and reflect on whatever or whoever you believe in.

As I reflected yesterday on my ideal day, I received some suggestions from some of you about how to take some time off from blogging if only for a few hours a day. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging and each of my blogs. I have a real passion for writing and enjoy sharing parts of myself with you daily. I just need some balance in my life as well. God has laid it on my heart that I need to spend more time with Him and reading Psalms. I, as well, want to spend some time with my family. I believe that God will make a way and I trust and rest in Him.

My reflection on today’s question is next. 

Question Day 11: What are my top three priorities in this season of life?

I am getting older. I am 64 years old with a birthday coming in April. My priorities are three-fold and giving my top three priorities includes spiritual, financial, and physical. Each of these three is intertwined with the others. I will explain each individually, but my priorities overlap and in many ways can not in real life be separated.


My first priority is spiritual. My relationship with God is and always will be first. I believe that if I take care of my spiritual walk with God, He will provide me with financial security and health stability. The verse I chose tonight is Psalm 25:12 which says, “Who is the man who fears the Lord? God will teach him the path he should choose.”  When this verse speaks of “fear,” it does not mean fear as we define it but it is a “Hebrew idiom referring to a reverential attitude” toward God. According to this verse, if I have a reverential attitude toward God, then He will teach me the path that I should choose.
My second priority is financial. I live on my Social Security and a small pension. I have some money in savings but not a lot. I use my savings for emergency only so that it will last as long as possible. The amount I receive each month is enough to support me without going into debt and I am debt free except for a small amount I owe to Amazon for things I buy monthly like dog and cat supplies/food and over-the-counter medicine such as vitamins, fish oil, etc. So, I am very mindful of what I spend. My biggest expenses are for my church, my pets, and my grandchildren. I pray for God’s guidance and hand to be on my finances daily.
My third priority is my physical health. I have Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, and Severe Arthritis and each of these require medications to manage them. The cost of the medications continues to rise as my insurance coverage continues to decrease so co-pays are very expensive. I do not have a choice except to bear the cost of the medications or my health will be impacted negatively. Recently, I was off of my Insulin for Diabetes for a couple of weeks because I could not afford what the drug store was charging and I had to switch my pharmacy to mail-order through my insurance company. Even with the switch, the cost is still very high and I will probably start ordering my Insulin in Canada because the cost is cheaper than my co-pay through my insurance company. Presently, I am praying about this since I don’t need to refill medicines for 90 days.


Those are my three priorities. Do you have three? 
I pray that you set your priorities with guidance from your H.P.