30 Days of Reflection-Day 10-Ideal Day

Pause and Reflect…

 Last evening I reflected on my prior post on Prayer and I Thessalonians 5:17 and the message that I gave. Prayer is a very personal thing and I wondered if I came across as too pushy and preachy. I didn’t mean to do that if you felt that I did. I wanted to share with you a whole lifetime of my experience with pray in one short post and it may have been too overwhelming. 

I was looking at my statistics for the blog (I’m really not a stats kind of person) and I realized that there have been fewer people reading the blog since I started writing about reflections. This blog is not just for me but for you too. That said, I am including a poll to get some feedback from you. If you will, please take the poll of only two short questions. Thank you in advance.

My reflection on today’s question is below. 

Question Day 10: What would my ideal day look like?

Today, I’m to reflect on my ideal day. I am quite busy every day. I don’t even take a day off on the weekend, although I schedule less to do on the weekend and try to keep myself flexible. Writing on 4 blogs, I run them on a schedule having certain days to post on each blog. This allows me to spread out my work over the entire week.
Being organized is great. It allows me to work passionately, but efficiently. The only problem is that there is something to do every day with very little downtime. I guess my ideal day would allow for more downtime and more consistency with downtime.
I thought when my 6-year-old granddaughter returned to school that I would have the complete day until about 3:00 pm to get work done and there would be time to relax as well as write each day during my week. Unfortunately, my daughter is off on disability and more driving time is needed by me daily. We leave about 7:25 am and don’t get back home until around 9:30 am because we drop off both grandchildren to school. Then, the whole schedule starts again from 2:30 pm until about 5 pm with the pickup of the grandchildren. Do I sound selfish? I feel selfish.
I would like to have one complete day each week where I do not need to post on a blog, read other blogs, schedule things. Just a total day to do nothing…sleep, watch TV, do nothing if I choose to, read a book for pleasure, listen to music, pray and meditate without a time limit. I’m sure that you get the idea. I need one vacation day a week.
That is my ideal day…what is yours?
I pray that you get your own ideal day.