The Pit

The Roman Painted House, Dover. UK

The Pit

I was to be thrown into the pit for betraying my family. I told my beau, the gardener that my father’s jewels were hidden in the vault behind his throne. We wanted the jewels to afford us safe travel by ship to the Americas. A fine adventure planned by me and my love where we would live forever happily.

The King’s soldiers beheaded my love, the gardener and took me captive holding me in the tower until this day. I must face the consequences of my actions, today. The King disowned me and decreed my death by being placed in the pit. How could my father do this to me? Did he not love me? Why would he not forgive me?

Sweat trickled down my brow, unbecoming a princess. I was chilled to the bone. This was to be my demise…alone and forbidden to talk to my father, the King. I was given a last meal, but my appetite escaped me. I could not think of food with my love beheaded because of me. And my death draws nigh.

On the morrow, my love and I join once more, forever after, in the pit…from Hell.


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30 Days of Reflection-Day 9-Prayer

Pause and Reflect…

 Saturday, I meditated and thought on Psalm 62:1 “My soul finds rest in God alone.” and Psalm 62:5, “Find rest, O my soul, in God alone.” These verses reminded me that I am to rest in God. As I said before, God is telling me to listen to Him (Psalm 46;10), trust Him (Psalm 91:2), and wait on Him (Psalm 27:14). And, now, He has added to rest in Him. This morning, my question deals with my prayer life.
My reflection on today’s question is below. 

Question Day 9: What is one thing I could do this week to improve my prayer life?

I have had good prayer times and bad. What I mean by this statement is that there have been times in my life when I have prayed faithfully and frequently, conversing with God. There have also been times when praying is not the first thing on my mind and I have avoided prayer or prayed so ineffectively that I wondered if God understood what I meant.
I Thessalonians 5:17 says, “Pray without ceasing.” Could God want us to pray all of the time? What about work, playing with your kids, cooking meals, spending time with your spouse? How can God want me to pray without stopping if I have other responsibilities and desires? I believe, that what God meant by this verse is that I need to live my life in prayer or conversation with Him. Think of God as your BFF. Run everything by Him being in constant communication with God. Of course, there are pauses in your prayer life but prayer should be up there at the top of your To-Do list reminding you to talk to God.
How I pray is important as well. Do I pray always the “gimme prayer” asking things from God? Do I include thanksgiving for answered prayers or situations? Do I talk to God incessantly, not allowing quiet time or silence so that I can hear what God is saying to me? Do I pray also for my family, pets, friends, country, strangers, and/or causes that I believe in? Do I praise God in my prayers? All these things help you to look honestly at your prayer life. 
One of the ways that helps me to be God-centered in prayer is to write down things that I want to share with my BFF. Once I pray for something and write it on paper (or computer), I can let it go for the time being. I let go of control and hand control over to God. Then after a short time, I pray again. Some of my prayers are what I call “bullet” prayers. These are done with one sentence or phrase specific to the need or thought at that moment. Bullet prayers happen when someone or something crosses my mind. Sometimes, my prayers are longer and last 15-30 minutes and include all the aspects listed above. What matters most to me is that I am in constant communion, talking with God throughout my day and night. God really doesn’t mind how or when we pray. He just wants to talk continually with us.
How do you pray? 
I pray that you will be in unceasing prayer with God.