FFfAW-Week of 08-25-2015

Genre: Flash Fiction
Word Count: 150


The small dog on the jogging trail at the foot of the mountain ran frantically for help. No-one was nearby. “What am I going to do?” he thought, “She won’t get up even when I lick her face.”


He started barking furiously trying to draw attention, but no help came. “I’m so scared. Won’t somebody come and help?” he barked. Still no-one was nearby. “I don’t want to leave her,” he thought.


About 15 minutes passed, but he couldn’t tell time. “Where is everyone?” he asked himself. Then around the bend in the path, he saw it. A large mountain lion approached with caution. Hair on her back and shackles stood up. She let out a slow, low growl and continued her approach. Now, he jumped and yelped at the same time. “Yip! Yip! Yip!” he yelped. He ran behind a tree and tried to hide.


The mountain lion pounced…


Haven’t you ever wondered what your dog was thinking or what he was saying when he barks? I have.

30 Days of Reflection-Day 5-Waiting…

Pause and Reflect…

 For yesterday, I felt myself being gentle in spirit with a quiet mind and spirit as I listened to God. I was able to pray and meditate as I had planned. I read in Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.” I meditated on that verse and quieted my inner soul and spirit and felt overwhelmed with peace.

The whole day was peaceful and I felt rested after praying and meditating in the morning…after a cup of coffee, first. It seemed that nothing rattled me even when I went out to restart my car after my son-in-law had jumped my dead battery the evening before. My car wouldn’t start, again, and I realized that I needed a new battery. Rather than get upset, I was able to look up information about the type of  battery that I needed for my Scion and check prices at several places with a plan to buy a new battery Thursday. All remains peaceful and quiet.

 Now on to my reflection on today’s question. 

Question Day 5:

What is going to attempt to throw me for a loop this month? What can I do about it?

What was going to throw me for a loop this month has already happened. I am stressed by my finances this month. I am on Social Security and a small retirement and receive each monthly about the 3rd week of the month. Usually after paying bills I have about +$1000 left over for the month for miscellaneous expenses. Most of my miscellaneous expenses are through Amazon Prime because I order pet supplies, grandma goodies for the grandkids, etc. But this last month I spent over $600.00 in copays for three prescriptions from Humana. Very expensive medications and ones I can’t stop…my Insulins. So, now I am down to $400.00 to last until the 18th of September. Added to that is now the cost of a battery for my car that will cost about $100.00. It is a meager month. I don’t use credit unless it is an emergency because I worked hard to pay everything off before my retirement. I have some savings that I can use but I don’t want to use it. It will just be a sparse month and I am okay with that because I have to be okay with it.

What I am learning is to just LET IT GO…Let go and let God. I believe He will provide (a) more money or (b) me to live this month without further unexpected expenses. David’s Psalm 27:14 says,

Wait on the Lord;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the Lord!
I will patiently and quietly wait on God. I will not spend the month worrying about money. Each time I catch myself worrying about my finances or any expenses, I will meditate and pray these words. It is just another battle and I will win this because my faith is in God, not in me.
Do you have anything that is threatening to take away you gentle, quiet spirit? Is your inner soul peaceful or troubled?

I pray that you find peace and quiet gentleness in your inner soul.