30 Days of Reflection-Day 4-A Gentle Quiet Spirit

Pause and Reflect on the day…

Yesterday,  I talked about how I order my day. As my day moved forward, there were no great surprises or stresses for the day. I normally schedule Monday as a lighter day so that I can catch up for things I might have missed from the weekend. I try to spend less time on the computer on Saturdays and Sundays so that I can have more family time. I usually stick to my schedule outlined on my calendar and agenda unless something unforeseen occurs.

Today, Tuesday, will be more of a challenge because I already have 4 things on my To-Do list plus I have another post for Susanspetblog that I am working on and it is due Thursday. So 3 blogs to write and a poetry day for my Haiku class on All Poetry are on the list.

 Now, my reflection on today’s question. 

Question Day 4:

What is one thing I can do today that would promote a gentle quiet spirit in me?

Having a gentle and quiet spirit in me speaks about my inner soul: that place inside me where I meditate and where I pray to my H.P., God. Each day I must take time to renew my spirit, my soul so that the gentleness and quietness of my spirit remains. By gentle and quiet spirit, I do not mean weakness but strength. Anyone who has ever meditated knows the strength needed to quiet your mind and spirit so that you can experience the still small voice within.

  First, when I think of gentle, I think of the gentleness of a mother with her baby or small child. I think about the gentleness of the mother panda, Mei Xiang, who gave birth this last Saturday at the National Zoo. If you watched the video as I did, you saw how gentle she was not only giving birth to one cub, but to the second one as well. This type of gentleness is full of love and care. Gentle does not mean weakness because it takes great love and strength to love and care for someone, especially if they are small.

   Second, when I reflect on the word “quiet” I remember the verse in Psalm 46:10 where God say, “Be still and know that I am God.” He is asking me to be quiet so that I can hear Him speak to me. If I do not quiet myself from all the noise and distractions around me, I can not hear His voice and words to me. That is why meditation and prayer are so important. Only by quieting my spirit, am I able to listen with understanding which is different that hearing. Hearing is the physical act but does not presume that I understand. I can hear a person speaking a different language than me, but I can not listen with understanding because I don’t speak the language. 

So, it is with a gentle spirit and a quiet mind and spirit that I listen to the word of God. If I do not practice being gentle and quiet daily, I am unable to maintain a gentle, quiet spirit in times of crisis or trouble. It is not enough to just have “head” knowledge. A gentle quiet spirit requires me to go further to heart and soul knowledge or wisdom.

Today, I will display a gentle quiet spirit because I make it a priority to meet daily with God. Through this quiet gentle spirit, I experience the serenity that is spoken of in The Serenity Prayer in Al-Anon.

How do you keep a gentle, quiet spirit?