30 Days of Reflection-Day 3-Order My Day

Pause and Reflect on the day…

 Yesterday was rowdier than the day before. My family is back along with my two grandchildren. Noise level is back to baseline normal. When the noise gets too much for me, I escape to my in-law-suite where the quiet returns for a while until the grandkids come in to visit. But it is really nice to have them all home again. And mom and dad were ready for a grandma break which means they go out for a little while and leave the kids with me. I love spending time with them and they missed me while they were gone. They did get to visit with their other grandma who lives in Ocala, FL and she loved spending a few days with them. 

Reflecting on what I wrote yesterday, I realized that I still have trouble sometimes staying in my “head” and penetrating into my heart and inner soul. I have to work on that. I don’t have trouble doing this when I am alone. But writing about it and moving from my head to my heart is more difficult when what I am writing is public. Imagine calling your whole town into the school auditorium and then proceeding to spill your guts. For me, that is what it feels like. Able to be done?…Yes. Easy?…Not always. Some days are easier than others as are some topics easier than others.

 Next, my reflection on today’s question. 

Question Day 3:

How can I best order my day today to get done what I need to do?

As I read this question, several things come to my mind. One is organizing of my day and another is setting priorities. I learned in Al-anon that you are only given 24 hours at a time. Less is not enough and more is too much. That is where the saying, “One Day At A Time” comes from…ODAT. So for today, 

I am a list and agenda person…yes, one of those. But if you are going to write on four blogs, you have to keep a list, a To-Do List to stay organized. I keep mine on my Google calendar and each morning it emails me the list for the day at 5 am. I don’t get up at that hour, but the list is there when I do get up. Along with that list, I have things set in priority and color coded…it’s set up that way on my calendar so I don’t need to set that up every day. I also realize that there is more on the list than I can always accomplish so my list is flexible and low priority items can be saved to the next day if needed. I also organize my week so that there is “down time” for me. Some days are lighter than others and midafternoon is my lag time or the time I feel least productive and efficient. I plan for my lag time and breaks during that time. That is the physical setup of my day and it works well most of the time. 

When it doesn’t work, I have learned that sometimes sh*t happens and just let it go. I reorganize my priorities the best that I can and just LET IT GO. No sense fussing and fretting about the unexpected. Sometimes you have to plan for the unexpected. I don’t know when it will happen but it will and I practice the Al-anon slogan, “Let Go and Let God” during those times.

Two things are always priorities on my daily list…First thing each morning is my Gratitude List. And the second thing is my prayer time at night. Those two do not get eliminated or put off. Other things on the list can be carried over to the next day, but not those two. I can’t drive a car that is on empty. Well, I can’t blog each day on an empty tank either. Gratitude and prayer fill up my gas tank.

How do you organize your days?


Goodnight and may your day be in order,