30 Day Attitude of Gratitude Challenge Day 22-Character


The quote that I chose tonight, I found while looking for motivational quotes on Google. The words were so true that the short but deeply moving quote stayed with me for quite some time. The words spoken were from Anne Frank.

Born in 1929, Anne Frank was a German-Jewish teenager forced into hiding during the Holocaust. Anne, her family, and four other people, lived for over two years during World War II. They hid in an annex of rooms above her father’s office in Amsterdam. While in hiding, she wrote in her diary about life and her daily struggles as a young girl. Her father, Otto Frank published her diary in 1947 by her father, Otto Frank, after her death from typhus in 1945 while at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Her book titled Anne Frank, Diary of A Young Girl is a powerful memoir of the Holocaust.  

The Quote…

The quote I chose is:

“The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.“~Anne Frank


According to charactercounts.org, a comprehensive student development program:

A person of character…

In my life, I believe that as a result of my abuse history, I developed character under adversity. When my abuse happened between ages 6 and 12, I had a choice to either be defeated by the abuse and spend my life trying to escape via drugs, sex, running away, etc. or I could survive and choose to grow and develop character traits that were good. Even at my young age, A power greater than me (God) helped me develop the traits of good character. And so my journey began.

What does development of character have to do with gratitude. The attitude of gratitude looks for the good even in the bad. It is profound but true that looking for good in life helps to develop good character. The desire to do good, make changes in our small part of the world sends us on a journey of purpose.

What is your character? Is it one of good character through acts if gratitude and thankfulness or do you know in your heart that you come up short in that department? Even if your character is not what you want, it is never too late to change your life and build your character. An attitude of gratitude is one way you can develop a good character.

Gratitude List…

  1.  My H.P ‘s (God) guidance when I was a child being abused. 
  2. That my depression and sad times, I was able to find laughter.moved by 
  3. Experiencing my emotions with feelings of sorrow and joy.
  4. yThat developing good character is a generational learning tool to teach others.
  5. With good character, you can form even with difficult or abusive circumstances.
  6. My innate ability to see the good in any given situation.


Goodnight. I wish you strength and growth,