Anniversary of Robin Williams' Death – 30 Day Attitude of Gratitude Challenge Day 21


Today August 11, 2015, was the 1-year anniversary of Robin Williams’ death. I thought of him several times throughout the day with sadness, but each time tried to turn the sadness and grief to thanksgiving for having known such a man as he. One year ago, we were all in shock about the death and apparent suicide of him and no one knew just how to handle it or what to say. He was such a great actor and comedian and there were few who weren’t touched by him.

Tonight, as 12 mn approaches, I honor his memory with gratitude for what he was to me and many baby boomers. There are no fancy picture quotes but I will post images of Robin Williams instead, along with the quote that I have chosen.

The Quote…

The quote I chose is:

“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of the intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the beauty in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that one life has breathed easier because you lived here. This is to have succeeded” #Emerson You succeeded RW #RobinWilliam”     ~~Ralph Waldo Emerson~~

[as quoted page 163 of “Wolves in the Church” by Adebola T. Odukoya]


These are my lessons in gratitude for a great actor and comedian. Robin Williams taught me a lot about life. He and I were born in the same year, 1951 to begin with. Another baby boomer. As a young adult, I first remember being introduced to his acting when he was on television starring in “Mork and Mindy.” This was a typical sitcom of that time (1978-1982) about Mork (Robin) was an alien who came to Earth in a large egg-shaped space ship from the planet, Ork, and met Mindy (Pam Dawber), a college student who he lives with. The antics of Robin Williams comedy are priceless and if you have never seen a rerun, I suggest you watch some. Speak of an attitude of gratitude. I feel nothing but gratitude for his acting ability in that sitcom.

Then, after having my daughter, I remember taking her to the movie to see “Aladdin” (1992). Robin did a wonderful job both with his comedy and his talent in that film. Aladdin was an animated Disney film based on the folktale of Aladdin and the magic lamp. Robin Williams played the Genie in the lamp and was hysterical in the role. Adults, as well as children, loved him in that movie. 

Another great acting job was done by Williams in “Mrs. Doubtfire” (1993) where he plays a voice actor who quits his job at an animation studio. He overhears that his wife, who has custody of his children, is trying to hire a nanny and poses as Mrs. Doubtfire so that he can spend more time with his children. The comedy and ability to play the role of Mrs. Doubtfire brought me to tears laughing. Again, this was when I was in the midst of depression and therapy for my childhood abuse.

Next for me was the film “The Birdcage” in 1996. Robin Williams was classic in remake of the French farce “La Cage aux Folles,”  when Val’s father, Armand, a gay Miami drag club owner. Armand pretends to be straight and attempts to hide his relationship with Albert (Nathan Lane) his life partner when he meets the future in-laws for his engaged son, Val. This film has been on TV quite a bit so you may have seen it. The laughter that lightened my days and my depression were phenomenal.

These four that I have mentioned are just a few of the many movies that Robin Williams did prior to his death last year. The world lost a great man and a great comedian on August 11, 2014. Some of Robin’s own quotes, courtesy of Brainy Quotes, are:

“Comedy is acting out optimism.”

“The ‘Aladdin’ thing – that’s not work; that’s just having fun. Three days in the recording studio going mad, then the animators do all the work. Not a bad way to cash a large check, my friend.”

“I met Nelson Mandela, and I really didn’t know what to say. It was years ago at a benefit. I was just in awe of this man because of what he’d done.”

I close with a YouTube video of Robin Williams in Aladdin and my gratitude list.


Gratitude List…

  1.  My gratitude for Robin Williams, the actor and comedian. 
  2. That even in my depression and sad times, I was able to find laughter.moved by 
  3. My ability to be moved emotionally by my feelings of sorrow and joy.
  4. That my H.P. (God) gave such a gift to the world through Robin Williams comedy and acting.
  5. The comfort that family and friends of Robin Williams are feeling right now from God.
  6. That Robin Williams is at peace with my H.P. (God).

Are you able to feel gratitude for anyone special to you?


Goodnight. I wish you laughter…



30 Day Attitude of Gratitude Challenge Day 20


Can you believe that we are 2/3’s of the way through our 30 days of an attitude of gratitude? The time is going by so quickly for me. I chose a quote from Buddha, tonight. Buddha, also known by Gautama Buddha, lived 2500 years ago and established Buddhism, a religion still practiced today. He was a very wise man and lived the life of a wandering monk teaching others about Buddhism. The quote that I chose talks about our thoughts contributing to who we are.

The Quote…

The quote I chose is:

Courtesy of


“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”~~Buddha 


The quote chosen has four parts to it. The first two parts are, I believe, the essential parts of the quote. The last two parts clarify the first two parts. Let’s begin with the first part that says, “We are shaped by our thoughts;” This statement by Buddha establishes that our thoughts shape or mold us into what we focus on, think further on, become. If I think negative thoughts about myself, then more negative thought about me follow and soon all of my thoughts become negative. The second part of the quote says, “we become what we think.” This part of the quote goes a step further telling us that what we think on, we become. It establishes “who” we are inside, our inner soul. To continue with my example, I think negative thoughts about myself all the time and soon I become a negative person. I identify myself and the world as negative. This negativity becomes who I am inside and out. But, hold on because there is hope.

The third part of the quote says, “When the mind is pure, joy follows” and gives further clarification to the first two parts of the quote. It gives an example saying that pure thoughts in our mind lead to joy, happiness, peace. So, to carry over my initial example…if I stop thinking negative thoughts (change my thoughts) and start thinking positive thoughts about myself, then my attitude about myself will change from negative to positive. The “who” part of me or my inner soul will become positive with a pure mind and joy, happiness will follow. The fourth part of the quote gives an example or simile. It says, [“joy follows] like a shadow that never leaves.” So, if my mind becomes part with positive thoughts the joy will follow (example) like a shadow that never leaves. Have you ever noticed that you have your shadow. It is always there even in a darkened room, your shadow appears but is just darker. That is solid proof that your thoughts become who you are inside and outside. There is a direct correlation. Negative begets negative and positive begets positive. Clearly stated but can we change our thought pattern? And what does gratitude or thankfulness have to do with this?

Well, I am living proof that you can change your thought pattern and control what you think. I was a negative person, a victim, a “woe is me” kind of person. The world owed me because I of my abuse. Mind you, even before I recovered my memories of childhood sexual abuse, I thought negatively about myself and the world. I didn’t trust anyone or anything. I was always “waiting for the shoe to drop” or the next disaster to hit. That was me pre-therapy, pre Al-anon. Working in therapy and in Al-anon, I learned how to change my thought pattern by focusing on myself since that was all I had control of. And I learned to see the world positively, through the eyes of gratitude and compassion. It didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it took a solid year before it was habitual to think positively and thankfully about myself and situations I encountered. But the changes began immediately to impact my life. Each day built on the next and the next until I had a whole week, a whole month, etc. of an attitude of gratitude. I liked who I was becoming. 

If you are on the negative side of the spectrum, know that you can change. Just trust your H.P. (I call Him God) to put things in your path to help you change from negative to positive, from ingratitude to gratitude. You can start to change today, this very moment if you are willing.

Gratitude List…

  1.  My willingness  to change from a negative to a positive person. 
  2. That my God. my H.P., teaches me daily how to change who I am to a more authentic me.
  3. My willingness to live with gratitude rather than ingratitude.
  4. That seeing myself through the eyes of gratitude has opened my eyes to others with compassion.
  5. That daily I can choose to experience joy, happiness rather than feeling victimized, suffering.

Are you willing to change and live with an attitude of gratitude?


Goodnight. May you find joy each day that you arise.