30 Day Attitude of Gratitude Challenge Day 19


It is early Monday morning for me, around 12mn and I had a peaceful Sunday filled with gratitude for the things I have in my life. I attended a pet blog party called Sunday Selfies Blog Hop and showed some new photos of my pets, Guinness, Cleo, and Elvis Catstello. I listened to church via radio and heard an awesome sermon. I had time with family and time without which was just right for me. It was a good Sunday. I thank you, God, for that.

The quote I chose is one that turns the negative into the positive. The author is unknown…there are a lot of people making quotes who don’t want to be recognized, I guess. Enjoy.

The Quote…

The quote I chose is:

“I am thankful for the difficult people I’ve met. They have shown me exactly who I don’t want to be.”~ Author Unknown


I know that you are wondering why I chose this quote tonight. It’s easy and complicated at the same time. I have had difficult people in my life. I can list off several that were just family and not extended family either. I think we all can list at least one person who presented challenges in our life.

So what can we do with those people who (a) we don’t like or (b) have hurt us or made us angry. Well, I can’t speak for you but I can for me. I’ve blocked out memories about them from childhood. I’ve avoided them and/or severely limited my relationship with them. I’ve divorced them. I lashed out in anger myself at them. I’ve quit jobs rather than work with them. I can go on and on. The bottom line is all of those ways of dealing with difficult people  have just left me empty, angry and having regrets.

Until Al-anon and therapy taught me a better way to deal with them. Al-anon taught me to “Let go and let God.” and “This too shall pass.” That helped me initially to let go of the anger and my need to control the situations. Then, I learned another slogan, “But for the grace of God, go I.” That helped me to see them through the eyes of God. I learned to see them with compassion, flaws and all. After all, I wasn’t perfect. I probably annoyed some people in my life. I know for sure my ex-husband would speak about how annoying I could be, especially when I tried to control everything and everybody. I digress…

On to the quote. The first par bt says, “I am thankful for the difficult people I’ve met.” “What?”, you say. Be thankful for the difficult people you’ve met. Okay. Next question is, “Why?” The answer is there when you look for it. You gain the ability to see them through the eyes of God, with compassion. After all, they have a mother, father, family, friends, children. They have a body and soul. Maybe, they are just doing what they know to do. Maybe, they haven’t learned any other way to be. That is when I learned to pray for them. I couldn’t control them or the situation but God was in control and He could intervene if he saw fit, unless they were on their own journey to truth and authenticity. Who was I to judge them.  Don’t get me wrong…I have the right to protect myself from further hurt from them, but I don’t have the right to judge them. “Hate the sin but not the sinner” is what the Bible says. So, I am to be thankful for the difficult people in my life, pray for them and see them as God sees them. Add to that…make a habit of that action.

Then, on to the second part of the quote, “They have shown me exactly who I don’t want to be.” Ohhh, so there is a lesson for me to learn. Maybe part of what I don’t like is that it is a mirror reflection of who I am or who I was. I didn’t know what to do in the past to change me, but now I do. I surrender what I don’t like, ask God to take it from me and replace it with compassion and gratitude for myself and for others. Again…practice this action until it become such a part of me that it is automatic. In summary, I am thankful for difficult people and know that something in them reflects back on me. I am forgiving of my difficult self, practice change, and pracctice gratitude, thankfulness for the difficult people by seeing them through the eyes of God, with compassion. Try it. It’s not as difficult as it seems and you feel a lot better and carry less burden, anger, resentment because those feelings are released when you let gratitude and compassion enter in.

Gratitude List…

  1.  My willingness to learn and change. 
  2. That my God. my H.P., teaches me to let go of judgement and grow compassion.
  3. My ability to now automatically see the good even in difficult people.
  4. For the compassion that I, my inner soul, feel for others.
  5. Thankfulness for my H.P. or God. and His forgiveness.

What are your thankful for this morning?


Good night and “let go and let God.”