30 Day Attitude of Gratitude Challenge Day 18


Earlier this evening, I was doing my homework for a Beginning Haiku class on All Poetry when I read a haiku that resonated with me. It was a haiku by Don Baird and was very moving emotionally. It was:

tsunami shore;
a child’s hands washed
in blood

I had to describe what resonance [the quality of having an intensity of emotion or richness of expression that evokes or reinforces a sympathetic response] the haiku had for me. Long after reading it, I am still haunted by its meaning.

That led to searching Google for a quote about resonance and gratitude. I hope you like the quote.

The Quote…

The quote I chose is:


“Listen to the wind, it talks…Listen to the silence, it speaks… Listen to your heart, it knows”~ Native American Proverb


The quote has three parts. The first part is.  “Listen to the wind, it talks…” and calls us back to nature, natural occurrences (wind, rain, sun, weather). I don’t know much about Native American spirituality, but I do know that Native Americans respected nature. So, identifying the wind as part of their spiritual belief it can be understood that the wind talks to us and we should listen as it is part of our Higher Power or God. Have you ever silenced yourself and just listened to the wind on a blustery windy day? I have and it is really as if it is speaking to you about its power and strength. Just visualize the power of a tornado and you get the idea.

The second part of the proverb is, “Listen to the silence, it speaks…” and this also is part of nature. In meditation, I try to silence my mind and just listen to the silence so that I can hear my inner voice and my inner soul communicating with me. In nature, try listening to a day with no wind, no rain, no outside sound influences and it is easy to become attuned to the speaking of silence through  your inner voice/soul. I know that when I quiet myself and listen, what I hear at times is awesome and unexpected. If you haven’t tried this, I encourage you to do so.

The last part of the proverb is, “Listen to your heart, it knows” and speaks of my heart and that it knows. My heart resonates with my inner soul and shows emotions of wonder, awe, love. It can also recognize disgust, anger, sadness with some emotional resonance. As you listen to the wind speak (nature, Higher Power) and the silence as it speaks to you, your mind quiets itself and can hear your inner soul and know what is right and wrong, what is gratitude and ingratitude, what is thankfulness and thanklessness. The inner soul knows whether you are living a life of gratitude or not. The inner soul has integrity and only speaks the truth which your heart resonates with. Again, meditation and listening to your inner voice/soul is a way to living a life of gratitude and being authentic.

Gratitude List…

  1. My awareness of the wind talking, the silence speaking and my heart knowing. 
  2. That my God. my H.P., encourages and rewards my active listening.
  3. For other people’s needs, expression of desires and pain through actively listening.
  4. For the compassion that I, my inner soul, feel for others.
  5. Thankfulness for nature created by my H.P. or God.

What are your grateful for?


Good night and listen to the wind, silence, and your heart.