Gravely Sanatorium

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Genre: Flash Fiction

Word Count: 98

(c) Stephen Baum

Gravely Sanatorium


Gravely Sanatorium was haunted. The haunting evidence was discovered in the “body chute” at the back. Initially built as a tunnel for deliveries, it was converted to a body chute when massive numbers of children were dying during the polio epidemic of the 1950’s.

Hauntings evidence included children crying, being touch, and apparitions in the tunnel. Local ghost hunters wouldn’t stay overnight, so they got out-of-town hunters to come. Rumor had it the new group ran off in a couple hours after witnessing crying and screaming.

Now, who could they get to do the documentary on Gravely Sanatorium?


Waverly Hills Sanatorium:

Waverly Hills Sanatorium “body chute”    Credit-
Waverly Hills Sanatorium “body chute” Credit- www.the

When I saw the picture prompt for this week, I immediately thought of Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. I first learned about Waverly Hills Sanatorium from Ghost Adventures when they visited the sanatorium. My story above is fictional but is based loosely on Waverly’s historical body chute.

Waverly Hills has a haunted body chute, also known as a “death tunnel”, which was used during the TB epidemic from 1026-1962 when it was no longer needed with the advent of antibiotics for treatment of TB or “the white plague.”

Estimates of deaths vary from more than 6000 to 60,000 people who died during that time, but all records have been destroyed. One thing is known that the patients were transported away through the body chute so that the remaining patients’ morale wouldn’t suffer.

If you would like to read more about Waverly Sanitorium, you can read Waverly Hills Sanatorium: 1 of the Scariest Abandoned Hospitals in America. The site has some awesome pictures including the body chute. You can also check out the video from dailymotion of Ghost Adventures episode of Waverly Hills Sanatorium.


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Ghost Adventures – Waverly Hills Sanatorium by Barry_Cochrane_2