Sunday Photo Fiction – July 12, 2015

The goal of Sunday Photo Fiction is to write a piece whether it is a story or poetry using the image below as inspiration. Wherever the inspiration takes you, use that. You are to keep the story around the 200 words and add the story once published to the LinkUp so others can enjoy what I’ve written.

You can add your story, as well, to the picture prompt below.


Genre: Poetry

Word Count: 108


Bridges connect us one to the other
making communication easier,
expressive, swift, and more direct
than if the bridge was not there.

When we say, “bridge the gap”
differences transform to smaller.
“Bridge Over Trouble Waters”
sings of friendship, Jesus, or drugs.

I am the bridge to my inner soul.
My inner voice speaks of me,
telling me to listen to my soul
longings, dreams, and wishes.

Each has a choice bridging.
connecting to their  inner soul,
embracing  their inner voice
and inner self through love.

Will you bridge the gap and
listen to your inner voice today?
Will you connect with your
inner soul and dreams today?


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