How to Deal with a Panic Attack

The night before last I had a panic attack. It had been a long time since I had experienced one. I’ve given some thought to why it happened and realized that (1) I was doing too many things at once causing me increased stress and (2) I had written a lot of poetry for my other blog, Susan’s Personal Blog, which meant a lot more poetry about my abuse. That was bringing up more memories of the abuse and I was experiencing negative energy.

I made the adjustments and cut back some on my writing schedule, at least for the summer, and my poetry will focus on more things I experience positively. I also will meditate more regularly to relieve the stress.

First, I will share the poem that I wrote called “Panic Attack” then I will share a video from Living Waters.

Panic Attack

Inner turmoil brews.
Agitation and trembling
add to the anxiety.

What does it mean?
Why so anxious?
When will it leave?

Neverending questions
stir the turmoil further.
My agitation increases.

Where did that come from?
Why is this happening?

Still, more questioning.
Questions don’t help me.

Breath in…count three.
Breath out…count four.
Repeat again…and again.

My agitation diminishes.
My heart rate decreases.
My tension relaxes.

Slowly the turmoil quiets.
Slowly agitation leaves.
Slowly trembling ceases.

Fear is released, absent.
Feelings quieter now.
Go to sleep…Go to sleep.

Now, I will share the video that I heard a YouTube Blog from Living Waters called “5 Ways to Relieve Anxiety/Panic Attacks/Stress—How to Have A Lighter Heart…Feel Alive!” 


I hope you enjoyed the video and can put into practice what you need to decrease your anxiety and stress and reduce panic attacks. Take care and remember that you are the most important person in your life.

Until next blog,






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My 30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 17

While meditating this evening, a memory from my childhood surfaced to remind me that all of my childhood memories were not bad ones. Mixed in with my abuse memories are more pleasant ones such as the memory portrayed in my poem “Secret Rock Garden.”

I’ve written before about my love for the book and movie, “The Secret Garden” in My 30 Day Blogging Challenge. In writing my poem, I remembered back to the time that I discovered rock collecting, around age 10. Enjoy.


Secret Rock Garden

A new world born
to a girl of 10 years.
Discovery of treasures
found with awe and
enchanted wonderment.

Not a soul to know that
the treasure is hidden
deep within the quarry
and buried in her mind;
memories and treasure.

No one  sees as she
slips away from reality
visiting her hidden quarry
of pebbles, stones, rocks,
gems…her secret garden.

Each day the girl escapes
to her hidden rock garden
visiting the pink quartzite,
slate, pebbles, white marble…
all within her cherished grasp.

She secrets her treasures
to her  spare room to
polish and embrace as
her quiet possessions…
great wealth and mystery.

The girl keeps her secrets
bestowed upon her for
decades until she grows
old enough to know that
a rock is just a rock.

And a secret is just a secret.

See you tomorrow,