Dreams of Childhood-My 30 Day Poetry Challenge

Tonight, I want to share a reblog from my other site, Susan’s Personal Blog that includes a poem called “Dreams of Childhood” where I am currently doing a 30 Day Poetry Challenge. This poem is about my childhood and compares what I dreamed of as a child contrasted with the reality of the abuse.



My 30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 11

Another night, another contest through All Poetry. This contest is Poem of Childhood #3 with the following rules…a poem about childhood, any form
poem, short story, prose, napkin, happy, sad or ? 

Again, thoughts about my childhood and past dreams that I had led to the following poem. The poem flowed from within my inner soul. Enjoy, seems like the wrong request of you so think, meditate on the meaning of the poem, tonight.

Dreams of Childhood

My dreams of a childhood
untarnished by others’ sins
evoke yearning and sadness
deep within my inner soul.

A childhood of love and
acceptance longed for…
boundaries where I end
and you begin defined.

I dream of joy within
my inner soul and self.
My soul enlightened with
hope abounding in me.

That is my soul’s dream,
but I awaken to a disgraceful
reality that reminds me of
your sins against my soul…

and dreams of childhood.

My feelings prior to writing tonight were upbeat, feeling good, had accomplished what I set out to do today including taking my six-year-old granddaughter to her swimming lesson at the Y.

During the writing of my poem, I felt sadness, some anger for what was stolen from me and my lost childhood.

After writing the poem, I felt some lingering sadness but overall I felt okay.

See you tomorrow,





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