Ghostly Graves

FFfAW: Week of 06-24-2015

Week of 06-24-2015
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Genre: Flash Fiction

Word Count: 175

(c)Sonya Only 100 Words

Ghostly Graves


The old ghostly graves stood for centuries lacking the attention needed. Each gravesite long abandoned by ancestors who died. The lawn was not cleanly trimmed and mowed. Trees and overgrowth encroached upon the markers. No one visited. No one tended to the markers. History long past forgotten.

At night, a lonely mockingbird sang its woeful tune with no one listening. It was no wonder he was sad. But if you became very quiet and stood in an unobtrusive spot, you saw the ghosts come out of their graves and wander. The ethereal sight took on a feeling of its own. Not creepy, but sobering to any who watched and listened.

The lost souls wandered about the grounds as if looking for something or someone. White transparent bodies, some without heads, some without legs searching. Wind blew through the trees adding to the haunting scene.

When would the souls of these lost ghosts rest? Where were they when they died? How did they die? When would they move toward the light? Only God or Goddess knew.