My 30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 2

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Hello and thanks for stopping by. There is a growing list of followers on this blog and I really appreciate it.

Tonight, my poem is “Release” and I wrote it after a near “panic attack” from a long day with family. Believe it or not, I am on vacation this week. My ex and my daughter’s father (one and the same) came in from Saint Petersburg, FL to visit here in Nashville for my daughter’s birthday, his birthday, and Father’s Day. He is staying with us so he is near me 24/7. He’ll be going home to Florida late tomorrow. Did I tell you we were friends? We are, but the friendship works better when he is in Florida and I am in Tennessee. Too much closeness triggers flashbacks of the problems that we had in our marriage.

Now to the poem. I was triggered with a panic attack and had the good sense to leave the kitchen and go to my in-law suite alone. The poem describes what I was feeling and how I dealt with the panic through escape, breathing, and meditation. Some soft music, visualization, and slow, deliberate breathing worked and the attack was averted. The process of the poem was describing what I felt at the time and how I overcame the panic…pretty simple really.


Panic ensued.
Agitation prevailed.
Crying ushered in.
Escape my plan.

Room darkened,
blinds closed,
deep breathing,

Music softly playing,
Relaxation enters.

My inner soul
recentered anew.
My inner voice
speaking release.

Release from panic.
Release from tears.
Release from pain.

   Discussing my feelings before includes agitation, irritability, feeling panic and like I needed to escape. I felt trapped, cornered with all my senses heightened. I don’t know if you have ever had a panic attack, but the attack is extremely unpleasant. Me…I just want to run and hide.
    My feelings after the panic were slow relaxation, release of the panic. I felt “centered” again and could hear the inner voice speak “release” to me as I relaxed. I again felt safe.
    If you have never tried meditation that include breathing and visualization with soft music, I suggest that you check it out. There are lots of videos that include the music and relaxation on YouTube. They are free and vary in length from 5 minutes to many hours. I usually go for the 5-10-minute ones.
Until tomorrow have a good night…
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