Riding Lessons

FFfAW: Week of 06-17-2015

Week of 06-17-2015
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Genre: Flash Fiction

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Riding Lessons



My daughter, 14-year-old Melody, loved horses and wanted to take riding lessons. I arranged for lessons at the local stable including a 30-minute lesson and 30 minutes caring for the horse. She loved the lessons, but didn’t like caring for the horse. I explained that the privilege of riding was tied to the responsibility of care. Each week she refused to cool down the horse, brush him, and clean out the stall.

The third week I warned Melody that lessons would be ended if she did not follow through with her responsibility. The next week she still refused to care for her horse and I ended her lessons. Melody was angry that her lessons were canceled as a consequence.

Melody is now an adult and regrets that she did not follow through. She admits it was a tough lesson to learn. Asked if she’d allow her children to take riding lessons, she said not until they were mature enough to understand the responsibility required.

If only God gave us that wisdom at 14.




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