30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 26-$1,000,000,000

Day 26 – If you had $1,000,000 to spend, how would you spend it?

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The Million Dollar Question


WOW! If I had $1,000,000 to spend, how would I? Let me take a deep breath. Now, I am not enthralled with money, but I admit that money would solve some problems for me. I am retired and living on Social Security and my Disability pay. It is enough to get by comfortably as long as I am careful how I spend, but I am not rich. Luckily for me, I paid off all of my bills before I retired, except I have a small balance on my Amazon Visa that I pay off at the end of the month. I also still have a mortgage on my home in Saint Petersburg, FL. It is rented by my ex and he makes the mortgage payment. I could really use the money. Let me get back into my Zen mode, here.

I would first pay off my mortgage so that my ex could just pay taxes and insurance since he is retired too. That way I would be debt free completely and he wouldn’t need to pay the mortgage payments. I would also buy my daughter and son-in-law a home free and clear except for yearly taxes and insurance. Of course, it would have an in-law suite to accommodate me so I would have a home. I would set aside a trust for each grandchild and also prepay their college education. I would set aside money for my daughter’s and son-in-law’s salaries, but both enjoy working. Maybe they would be interested in working part-time though. I would also set up a trust for each of my pets (Cleo, Elvis, and Guiness) and have my daughter be in charge of the trust.

Next, I would give a large donation to my old church in Saint Petersburg, Christ the Cornerstone. That way they could continue to minister to those who need the church and God. I would also donate a large amount to several animal rescues that I know, including Florida Doggie Paws, Inc. where I was a foster for dogs and Cat House on the Kings, Inc. for all the great work they do with rescue cats…I already donate to them through Amazon.com Smile Program where a portion (0.5%) of what I spend goes to them. I would seek out at least five single parents and provide them assistance with education and housing until they were better established, financially.

That leave me. I’m last on the list, but that is how I live my life. I would set aside money for continued financial security for me. I want security but not wealth for myself. I would prepay my funeral expenses (not being morbid but I am in my sixties). This way, my daughter would not be burdened with the particulars. I would write and self-publish a book of my poetry and essays or blogs. I would also buy a new computer. I would also buy one for  each grandchild. (They each have a Kindle I bought for them last Christmas.)

Anything left over (and I’m not sure there would be too much) I would support a homeless ministry that focuses on Veterans with mental health disorders since so many Vets are homeless and suffer from PTSD. I would also pray and ask God to tell me anywhere else I should donate my money (not that we haven’t had an ongoing discussion about charities and ministries).

So that’s it for me. What would you do if you had $1,000.000?