What Emotional Type Are You?

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What emotional type are you? This question is not difficult to answer if you teach yourself to know who you are. The beginning of knowing who you are is two-fold. First you learn to listen to your inner soul or inner voice. Second, you have a knowledge of the personality traits that you have. Some ways to answer what your emotional type is by taking a psychological quiz or test.

One source that I read, By Dr Judith Orloff in her article, “What isYour Emotional Type?”, gave four emotional types: the Intellectual; the Empath; the Rock; and the Gusher.

#1-The intellectual or intense thinker Usually you are intuitive, rational in thought, analyze most things. You are known for keeping cool in tough situations, but don’t trust your gut instinct. Questions to ask yourself are: With a problem, do I immediately start listing pros and cons rather than paying attention to how it makes you feel? Do I plan rather than being spontaneous? Do I have trouble shutting down my overactive mind and difficulty sleeping?

Questions to ask yourself are: With a problem, do I immediately start listing pros and cons rather than paying attention to how it makes you feel? Do I plan rather than being spontaneous? Do I have trouble shutting down my overactive mind and difficulty sleeping?

If so, you can try the following ideas:

  • Breathe. Simply inhale to the count of 5 and exhale deeply to the count of 4.

  • Exercise. Walking, rollerblading, or lifting weights, exercise creates body awareness that relaxes your overactive thoughts.

  • Empathize. Involve your heart and your head.” Don’t just try to fix a problem.

#2. The Empath or Emotional Sponge – You are highly sensitive, loving, and supportive. You’re finely  intuned with your emotions and tend to feel everything (sometimes to extreme). Question you can ask yourself are: Have I been told that I am “too emotional” or “too sensitive”?Do I feel the emotions of others around me? Do I restore myself by being alone? Do I get exhausted in crowds? Am I sensitive to noise, smells, and too much talking?

If so, you can try:

  • Take calming mini-breaks throughout the day. Walk…meditate.

  • Protecting your senses. List your top five emotionally difficult situations and make a plan for handling them in advance.

#3. The Rock. Strong and Silent Type You are consistent, dependable, stable they and will be there. You express emotions freely. You don’t get upset or judge. But they often have a hard time expressing their own feelings, and your significant other is always trying to get them to express emotions. Questions you can ask yourself are: Is it easier for you to listen than to share your feelings? Do you often feel like you are the most dependable person? Are you satisfied with the status quo in your relationships?

If so, try these:

  • Stir things up. Start emotional exchanges instead of simply responding to them. Remember that showing is a form of passion and generosity too.

  • Express a feeling a day. In a daily journal, write down an emotion you’re experiencing. Don’t hold back. Are you angry? Frustrated?Content? Share what you are feeling with someone.


#4. The Gusher In touch with their emotions and share them. The quickly process negative responses and move on. They over-share and people burn out. Quest to ask yourself: Do I get anxious when I can’t express my feelings? When a problem arises is my first impulse to share it? Do I find it difficult to sense emotional boundaries?

If so, try this:

  •  Before seeking support, tune into your intuition. Spend a few quiet moments going inward to find out what your gut says. Try to center yourself and calmly solve the situation.

Having relationships first starts with having a relationship with yourself, your inner soul. If that relationship is good, then your other relationships will be good. If you know your emotional type you can grow and evolve in your relationships both  yourself and others. I hope that this information has been helpful.

I hope that this information has been helpful. Write in the comments any questions that you have or share your opinion about Write in the comments any questions that you have or your views about emotional types.

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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 22-I Changed

Day 22 – How have you changed over the past few years? Share pictures.


Changes In Me?

How have I changed over the past few years? I definitely have changed. First, I don’t take many pictures of myself so you’ll only get a few. I guess my biggest change is in my health. I was working full-time until 2010. I left active nursing (eg. hospital, home health) in 2007 because of my arthritis. I took a position with Aetna Insurance Company as a Disability Nurse Consultant. Basically, I managed medical claims for disability for psychiatric disabilities. This was all done by computer and initially I worked in the office but later from home.

In 2010, I became very depressed and anxious because I could no longer do that job well. I went out on disability myself and worked with my doctor to get my pain under control. That is when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well. My disability became permanent and I applied for Social Security at age 62 and lived on that and my disability pay until retirement kicked in.

With my pain medications, the pain, and difficulty walking, cooking, cleaning, etc., I was no longer able to live alone in my home. My ex (we were friends by now) moved in with me and did the cooking, cleaning, shopping, driving, etc. I remained depressed because I was used to being completely independent. Slowly, I accepted the fact that I was permanently disabled. Last year my daughter and her husband and kids were moving to Tennessee and they asked me to move with them and live in an in-law suite in their home. I accepted and moved last summer.

It took me a few months to adjust to the change, but I found myself less depressed, eating better, getting stronger over that time. I again took my driving test and got my driver’s licence. I spent time with my family and loved being with the two grandkids. That brings me to November when I started my blogs and became a full-time blogger through WordPress. I rediscovered my love for writing and I’ve been writing since then.

What about you? How have things changed?