The Fish Tank of Life

  FFfAW Week of 6-10-2015 Posted on June 9, 2015 by Priceless Joy The picture prompt is below and the story needs to be 150 words (give or take 25). To read other stories or add your own, click on the Blue Fellow below. Genre: Flash Fiction Word Count: 175 The Fish Tank of Life   … Read more

Some Poetry I Love

Some Poetry I Love is a reblog of my own from my other website, Susan’s Creative Writing and Poetry. This blog post was written by me in March 2015 and was titled, Some Poetry I Love. I continue to write poetry, mostly free verse and Haiku. Currently, I am learning the poetry form of Haiku … Read more

30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 19-Regrets

What is my biggest regret? I try not to live with regrets. I look at life as full of choices, at least when you are an adult. It is apparent to me that each choice you make either consciously or unconsciously results in your life following one path or another…