Anchor and Storm

  Thanks go out to the hostess of Friday Fictioneers, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

My task is to write a complete story, Beginning, Middle, and End in 100 words.

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Genre: Flash Fiction/Poetry

Word Count: 92

(c) C. Hase

Anchor and Storm

It lay in the sand
abandoned by its ship.
Alone and forsaken
it collects age.

It speaks not
of the treachery.
The storm now silent
long vanished.

The cyclone moved
to parts unknown
wreaking havoc
where it will.

The story it could
tell remains untold
on the desolate beach;
marooned silence.

Questions abound
with desperation amid
thoughts left behind
affording no hope.

Where be the captain?
What of the crew?
Are they marooned faraway
or under the sea?

The anchor holds
within it the unanswered
questions and reveals not
its homeless secrets.

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