30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 15-15 Interesting Facts About Me

Day 15 – Write 15 interesting facts about yourself.

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What Can Be Interesting About Me?

15 interesting facts about me? This I am sure I will struggle with. I really don’t think I am that interesting, but here goes anyway.

  1. I was an RN for 30+ years working in various capacities from ICU, CCU, Stepdown, Psych, Hospice, Home Health Care, and as a Disability Consultant for Aetna Insurance. Oh, I also worked in Labor and Delivery for a short time and was a Head Nurse for a Med-Surg unit and a Supervisor for a Maternity Hospital.
  2. I am retired since 2010 due to severe arthritis and fibromyalgia.
  3. I have always wanted to write. In fact, I started writing as soon as I could print, spell, and read.
  4. I take pain medication daily for my arthritis and fibromyalgia. It is a synthetic morphine type drug called Tramadol.
  5. I am diabetic and on Insulin that I take once a day at dinner time.
  6. I was sexually abused by my father from about age 4-12. I was in therapy for several years related to this and I have chronic depression, panic attacks, DID also called multiple personality disorder (Remember Sybil?), and PTSD as a result of the abuse. I have been hospitalized for my depression and suicide attempts during that time. All of my psych issues are resolved except for the chronic depression which is why I take Paxil.
  7. I am obese according to weight charts. My BMI is 45. I have tried losing weight but always sabotage myself when I start to get thinner.
  8. The abuse stopped when I gained weight because my father didn’t like me “fat” thus the problem with fact #6 and #7.
  9. I live outside of Nashville Tennessee and I love it here. I moved from Florida where I had lived for about 10 years. Prior to Florida, I grew up and married in Cleveland Ohio.
  10. I am divorced for quite a few years (can’t really remember how many), but my ex and I are friends now. He rents the house I own in Florida.
  11. I divorced my ex and remarried him and divorced again due to his alcoholism.
  12. I have 2 grandchildren…one grandson, age 3 and one granddaughter, age 6. I don’t use their names because my daughter wants that to remain private.
  13. I was always “clumsy.” In fact, I have had one broken arm (my left) and I am left-handed. I also broke my left leg and ankle. That required surgery to fix.
  14. I love ghost stuff-movies, TV shows, poetry (Edgar Allen Poe) and books. My favorite Ghost show is Ghost Adventures.
  15. (This wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.) I have 3 other blogs, Susanspetblog because I was a foster mom for dogs and cats, Susan’s Blog: The Inner Soul because of my mental health background and psych degree, and Susan’s Creative Writing and Poetry because I love to write fiction, flash fiction, short stories and poetry. The sites are listed under the menu above if you want to check them out. All of my blogs I market on social media and Google except for this blog.

I completed all 15 to my surprise, although, I still don’t think they are all that interesting. You can be the judge of that, not that it matters to me. I am pretty self-directed and motivated or inspired. For me, I am happy now, well-adjusted, satisfied with my life and relationships.

How about you? Can you write 15 interesting facts about yourself? Or more?


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Are You Inspired or Motivated?

Are you inspired or motivated? I decided today that I wanted to share some inspirational quotes with you. That got me thinking about the inspiration and motivation. The two words are used many times interchangeably, but they are quite different.

Inspiration comes from within…within the inner soul. Your inner voice speaks to you and inspires you to do something which is a natural act of motivation that leads to creativity, talent, and inner joy. Motivation, on the other hand, is most often an external force or action. It is an act of the will, will-power, and purposeful action.

When inspiration runs its course, you have an internal desire to do something such as creating art or music, helping others, and/or writing. When your inspiration runs its course, the inner soul begins to withdraw from it and you may motivate yourself to continue. An example that I can give is the inspiration to write versus the motivation to write. When I am inspired to write about a topic, I have an internal desire to write and the words just flow out of my inner self to the paper.

There is little effort involved when I am inspired. It is like a river running its path to the sea. However, with I am using motivation alone without my inner soul’s inspiration, I struggle with writing about the topic and it feels like real work to continue. I have the “should do this” motivation rather than the “want to do this” inspiration.

What inspires you? What motivates you. Are you listening to your inner soul for clues to what your inner wisdom wants you to do? Or are you being motivated by feeling a duty to do something, an external drive to perform or conform to your culture? Motivation isn’t all bad. We all need to motivate ourselves to provide for our family, work, follow laws, etc., but when you can combine inspiration and motivation together, that is when you are your greatest self. It is important to ask yourself these questions whenever you start a new endeavor. That may mean the difference between your passion (inner voice) or your intellect (external drive) which is lead by duty and culture.

With that, let me share some inspirational and motivational quotes.


Inspirational Quotes:

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Motivational Quotes:

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Were you able to see the difference? I hope that you have been inspired and motivated by today’s post. Write and comment on what you think about the difference between inspiration and motivation.

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Inspiration Vs. Motivation


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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 14-Earliest Memory

Day 14 – What is your earliest memory?

Was I A Child?

What is my earliest memory? That’s a tough one. I would have to counter that question with my own question. Are you asking about memories pre-therapy or post-therapy? As I have mentioned before, I was sexually abused as a child and this affected my memories of childhood.

Pre-therapy (before I was 36) I could not remember anything before the age of 12-years-old. Of course, I realized early on that this was not normal and invented a fantasy set of memories to cover for what I felt I should remember when I talked to my friends. Then is when I invented my ideal childhood…what I wish that I had. It included a loving mother, loving father, sister and brother who loved me and lots of friends. I was outgoing, felt secure,  well educated, and talented. That worked for me until I was married with two step children and one child of my own who was age 4 at the time other memories started showing up. Those intrusive memories showed me that what I believed was a fantasy life that I created.

Post-therapy or at least when therapy started, I begn to remember the abuse as a child. Throughout therapy, I recovered some, not all of my childhood memories. Many were very bad memories of how I was abused sexually and some were about how I survived the abuse. It took about 3 years for me to remember enough so that positive memories also began to fill in. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say that it was a very painful time and I was abused from about age 4 through age 12. 

That brings us to my earliest memory. That memory is at about age 3 or 4 and I remember rocking on a wooden rocking horse on the front sidewalk of our apartment or home in Saint Petersburg, FL. It was Christmas day and it was warm and sunny, and I was happy. After that memory, all goes blank with intermittent memories at different ages until I was 12 and everything fills in at that point. Now, I can remember both the bad memories and the good ones (there were some). 

It used to drive me crazy that I couldn’t remember every memory, but now I understand that God protected me by burying those memories until I was old enough to deal with the abuse. I still occasionally have a new “old” memory or flashback occur, but now I just accept it as something that happened in my past and let it go.

What is your earliest memory? Is it a good one, I hope?