30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 13- Nashville TN

Day 13 – Where would you like to visit/live one day?

Smokey Mountains, Tennessee

I’m an Armchair Traveler

Where would I like to visit/live one day? I am living where I want to live in Nashville, TN. I don’t think that I would choose to live anywhere else. I’ve lived in West Virginia (as a child), Ohio (as a child and adult), Florida (as an adult) and most recently (the last year) in Nashville. I’ve lived in very cold weather up North in Ohio and West Virginia, but I don’t like the cold and snow that much. I’ve lived where it is hot and humid in Florida. Great for a vacation but harder when all you have is heat. I  used to look forward to winter so it would cool down some. Tennessee is the best place. It is warm in the summer. It is a little cold in the winter with a little snow (a few inches at most). You experience the seasons change. There are wonderful mountains. It is beautiful country here.

As far as traveling goes, I would have liked to visit Italy and the UK. I have read so much about these places and my daughter once travelled to Italy on a school trip in high school. But travelling is difficult for me with my disability of arthritis and fibromyalgia. I have difficulty walking long distances so I would just get frustrated with the things that I could not enjoy. 

I guess, I will remain an armchair traveler and just read other countries on the internet and in books. I’m retired and enjoying my life right here in Nashville with all the country stars. 

Where would you like to live or travel?