30 Blogging Challenge Day 12-Daily Schedule

Day 12 – Bullet point your whole day.

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Hectic Schedule?…No Kidding!

My daily schedule changes but I do have one. Today was June 2nd and I keep a daily agenda on my Google calendar and it’s emailed to me each morning at 5am. I don’t wake up at that time…I’m not that crazy.

So here goes.

  • 7am-Woke up, went to bathroom.
  • 7:15am-Wandered to kitchen to a) let Guiness my dog out and b) get coffee.
  • 7:30am -Talking with my daughter, 3yo grandson, and son-in-law before they left for daycare and work. Also, my 6yo granddaughter got up.
  • 7:35am-Got my granddaughter breakfast of cereal, milk, and applesauce.
  • 7:40am-Granddaughter and I return to my in-law suite with Guiness, the dog.
  • 7:45am-Fed Elvis and Cleo (my cats) breakfast. Cleo is on a diet so she get only 1/4 cup of Royal Canin Weightloss Formula. Elvis gets 1/2 cup of Target generic cat food. Made sure all had fresh water. Gave Guiness his treat for going potty.
  • 7:55am-Turn on TV to CNN to watch some news and finish drinking my coffee.
  • 8:15am-Take AM medications. brush teeth, take shower after turning on Disney channel for my granddaughter.
  • 8:30am-Finished with shower and turn on my laptop. Check my Google email agenda as well as To Do List. Agenda is below.
    • Tuesday, June 2
       Susan’s Personal-write daily
       Susanspetblog write
       9:00amCall Dr. Cole re Cleo appt
       5:00pm GoToWebinar – Canva & BuzzSumo – 10 Ways To Maximize Your Impact With Images
  • Read headlines on ABC and NBC as well as LifeHacker. Read any stories that interest me.
  • 8:45am-Check my Outlook emails (personal account) and follow-up as needed. Keep list of retweeters @susanspetblog id to thank later.
  • 8:55am-Check my Gmail emails (business account) and follow-up as needed.
  • 9:00am-Call Dr. Cole about appt for Cleo. Read several blogs that I follow as well as articles that I get emailed to me.
  • 9:45am-Check Twitter and Facebook for any important messages r/t my blogs. Also, prewarn my granddaughter that TV goes off at 10:00am so she can do her school work (she has Reading Ladders, Addition, and Subtraction workbooks that she does 2 pages in each daily M-F.
  • 10:00am-Granddaughter starts work in her workbooks. I keep myself free to answer questions and help her.
  • 10:45am-Granddaughter finished work and plays with her Kindle and Elvis. I return to my computer and publish my new blog (written last night) for Susan’s Blog: The Inner Soul. Post link and promos for all three blogs on Hootsuite set to auto-send throughout the day until tomorrow. Send new blog to all social media sites that I work with including Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Google+, Stumbleupon, Triberr, Bloglovin, Delicious and several smaller sites.
  • 11:00am-Answer comments made on my blogs since I went to bed last night.
  • 11:15am-Go to Google+ and check each page (a page for each of my three blogs) and market each new blog post to groups that I follow for each blog. (Each blog has its own niche groups.) The three niches are pets and pet care, mental health awareness, and writing/flash fiction/poetry respectively.
  • 12:15pm-Break for lunch (I’ve eaten breakfast at my computer-a Pop Tart). While granddaughter eats lunch, I put remaining dishes from moring in to dishwasher and start.
  • 12:45pm-Return to my computer and again check my Gmail email account for new mail. Go on Facebook and Google+, Tumbler, Bloglovin, etc. to catch up on groups, news feeds, messages.
  • 1:15pm-Granddaughter watching TV and I took a nap for about 45 minutes.
  • 2:00pm-Spend some time playing with my granddaughter, iMessage my daughter with update about how day is going.
  • 4:00pm-My daughter comes home with my grandson from work and my granddaughter goes to be with her mom now. I work steadily on my laptop reading blogs and doing research for next blog due. ( I write for each blog twice a week and my Creative Writing blog 3-4 times a week.)
  • 5:00pm-Webinar with Canva and BuzzSumo about their website and making graphics and infographics.
  • 6:00pm-Dinner with the family followed by dishes into dishwasher for them. 
  • 7:00pm-Return to in-law suite, feed cats and dog, and continue working on laptop reading blogs, articles, checking Gmail account, and doing research for next blog due.
  • 8:30pm-Take a break and talk with my daughter and son-in-law after they have put the grandkids to bed.
  • 9:00pm-Write this blog and am still going at 9:40pm.
  • 9:45pm-Take my evening medications. Still left to do tonight is check Twitter, retweet posts on my #Susancfl area, send out Thank You tweets to my retweeter (about 30-40 people.) One recheck of Outlook personal email account. Also will turn off laptop by 11:00pm (whether done or not) and watch some TV, have a snack, let the dog out, play with the cats, relax and probably go to bed about 1:00am.
  • Will repeat all of this tomorrow, unless the world ends tonight or I am sick.

That is quite a bullet point list. No wonder, I get tired and need a midday nap. It is a little hectic for me during the summer months because I am not only working on my blogs, but watching and spending time with my granddaughter. Do I enjoy all of this?. You bet. I like being busy and productive even in retirement. I love writing and wouldn’t want to do anything else. I learned one thing doing this and that is I am very busy with a variety of things to do each day.

What does your day look like? Do you keep busy?


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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 11-Music

Day 11 – Put your ipod on shuffle. Write down the first 10 songs.

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Music To Soothe My Soul

I don’t own an iPod. Actually, I did own one and gave it to my ex. I listen to digital mp3’s on Amazon Prime music because I can listen for free paying the yearly rate for Prime. So let me see what list I come up with…

My Playlist-11 songs (Sorry, I got carried away listening.)

  1. 1000 Times – Sara Bareilles 
  2. All I Really Want – Alanis Morissette 
  3. All Of Me – John Legend 
  4. All Through The Night – Shaina Noll  
  5. All You’ve Ever Wanted – Casting Crowns 
  6. And Winter Came – Enya 
  7. Beyond The Sea – Celtic Woman 
  8. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel 
  9. Broken Together – Casting Crowns  
  10. Canon In D – The O’Neil Brothers
  11. Go Rest High On That Mountain – Vince Gill

As you can see, I like all types of music from Country to Pop to Classical and even into New Age, Celtic, Christian and Meditation music. In fact, just yesterday I was listening to Bird songs/music like the Nightingale and the Warbler.

What music I listen to depends upon my mood and what I want to accomplish. If I am in the mood for Country…so it is. If I want Christian…so be it. Etcetera. Music soothes my soul and it’s played a big role in my recovery from sexual abuse. I even learned to listen to the sad songs but to limit my time listening. Each aspect of me loves different things and, therefore, different musical genres. I don’t try to limit myself except for the sad, depressing music, only time-limited. 

I feel God gave me a gift in music. In the past, before I was disabled I sang as part of my church’s praise team. It was such a blessing and God gave me a good voice as well. That is a part of my life that I miss, but I am unable to stand for longer than 20 minutes due to severe arthritis and fibromyalgia. At first, I was very depressed about not being able to sing publicly in church, but now I have accepted that there is a time and a season for all things, even our gifts from God.

What songs did you come up with? What types of music do you love?