Meaning, The Self Destruct Button – Teal Swan –


I saw a post by @RenardMoreau this last week with an incredible video by Teal Swan about Meaning, The Self Destruct Button. Teal speaks about how we assign meaning to certain events in our life and can lead to self-destruction. I know that the sexual abuse that I experienced as a child has changed how I relate to others and even whether I want to lose weight. For myself, I know that losing weight would make me healthier but the gain of weight stopped the abuse as a child so it is a catch 22. I feel too exposed when I am thinner. Please click the link below and listen to this video and see if it shows you where you are using the “self destruct button” in you life.


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Source: Meaning, The Self Destruct Button – Teal Swan –

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My 30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 9

I was on All Poetry today and entered a contest with a prompt of “Alone.” I enter contests on the site because points are awarded for wins. When someone comments on your own poetry, you then can “applaud” them for their comment This gets your poetry seen and commented on better.

Back to my poem, It was the prompt of “Alone” that led to my poem below. The process of writing the poem consists of knowing the difference between being alone and being lonely. Then I did a comparison between the two and end with questions for the reader of the poem. Enjoy my poem.

I Choose Alone

Alone in my life
by my choice
comforts me.
I choose alone.

Loneliness is
feeling alone
in a crowd
not by choice.

When alone
I am lost in my
own thoughts;
reverie of silence.

Loneliness leads
to dependence,
despair, and a
reality of misery.

When faced with
loneliness while
I am alone, myself
is company enough.

What do you desire?
Aloneness by choice?
Or desperate loneliness?
Which do you choose?

I choose alone…

The feelings involved in my poem tonight were mostly of sadness and satisfaction. The memories that came to mind for me were those of my failed marriage and my divorce. I was lonely during the marriage because my ex is an alcoholic and preferred drinking to communicating. Al-anon helped me to learn about the co-dependence between the alcoholic and the significant other whether wife, daughter, son, etc. As I grew stronger, I chose to leave the marriage and be alone (although my daughter was 13). The alone I am talking about is “in relationship with” alone. I remain alone (in a romantic relationship) and really am quite happy and satisfied with my life. No regrets.

See you tomorrow.

Free At Last

100 word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#157

The prompt this week will hopefully work with the holiday.

Prompt: … at last we were free…

The link will close on 5th July

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Genre:  Historical Fiction

Word Count: 99


Joseph and Joshua were free to marry. The Supreme Court Ruling on June 26, 2015 stated that the Constitution protected gays and their right to marry. Gay marriage was now legal in all of the United States.

Just in time for July 4th celebrations, Joshua and Joseph married. They lived together for 23 years and now they were legally married.

Joseph said, “… at last we were free… like the country. Let’s go to the fireworks tonight. Let’s celebrate!”

And so with sparklers and lawn chairs in hand they celebrated Independence Day for the US and for Gays.



The ruling by the Supreme Court is a landmark decision to change history forever for gay marriage as did the signing of the Declaration of Independence for our freedom from England and the signing of the Civil Rights Act on July 2, 1964 that prohibited discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin by federal and state governments.

I commend  and thank the United States Supreme Court for upholding…






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My 30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 8


Tonight’s poem was actually inspired by a video of Maya Angelou where she speaks about love and growing up. She tells how her mother liberated her as a young woman.

When I thought about love, my granddaughter immediately came to mind. I am watching her this summer while school is out and her parents are working. Spending so much time with her fills me with love for her independent spirit.

So, here is my love-inspired poem…


Love Poem To My Granddaughter

I love the way you
crinkle your nose
when laughing.
It’s so endearing.

I love the way you
show independence.
You’re so strong,
so self-assured.

I love that you
are so willing to
help others out.
You are so kind.

I love your love
of dancing and
Oh, how you own
the dance floor.

I even love your
anger that you
are not afraid
to show quickly.

And yes, I even love
your six-year-old
mouthy answers
when asked questions.

I love you yesterday,
today and tomorrow
You are beautiful.

I love you because
you are a twenty
something in a
six-year old’s body.

Your intelligently
strong independence
will serve you well
throughout life.

I love you because you
are very brave and
fearless with anything.
You are not afraid…

…like I was as a child.

Below, I give you the YouTube video of Maya Angelou and “Love Liberates.” Enjoy.