Danielle and the Church Visit

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Week of 05/27/2015 – 06/02/2015

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 Genre: Flash Fiction

Word Count: 176

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 Danielle and the Church Visit

“Why are we going to visit the church?” Danielle asked.

“To ask for forgiveness.” her mother stated.

“What do I need forgiving for?”

“Well, being pregnant is a start!” mother exclaimed, “Not to speak of the sex involved.”

“Oh, MOTHER!” Daniel responded exasperated.

“Don’t ‘Oh MOTHER’ me!” mother responded.

Danielle looked sullenly to the ground as her mother stared at her.

Her mother said, “I am so embarrassed to have to tell the Pastor about this. What’s he going to think?”

“Stuff happens.This isn’t the first time this has happened in history,” Danielle responded.

They both walked into the church and to the Pastor’s office. He looked up.

“So how can I help you two?” Pastor James asked.

Danielle’s mother said, “She’s pregnant and only 15. What can we do?”

Pastor James took a deep breath and said, “Let’s go into the sanctuary and pray about this.”

Danielle rolled her eyes as her mother said,”Prayer didn’t get her this way!”

Pastor James took another deep breath leading the way.

“Father God we ask…”

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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 8-Satisfied

Day 8-Discuss a moment when you felt most satisfied with your life.

Created by Susan Langer

Gratitude, Life and Birth

It is difficult for me to come up with only one moment that I felt most satisfied with my life. There are so many blessings I have experienced throughout my life that I can recall. Since I have attended Al-anon for help in dealing with the alcoholics in my life, I learned to look at life with a great deal of gratitude daily. I started keeping a Gratitude Journal when I was in my 30’s and still do.

In fact, my six-year-old granddaughter started learning to journal in kindergarten and as I watch her this summer, I have bought her “My First Gratitude Journal” and I am helping her to learn how to journal about gratitude. Today, she wrote that she was grateful for her family and drew a picture beside it in her journal.

I guess, if I have to come up with one moment when I was most satisfied in my life, it would be when I gave birth to my daughter. I had anticipated her birth throughout my pregnancy and although the labor didn’t go as planned and I ended up with a C-section, all the pain and disappointment with the way she had to be delivered was replaced with joy and full satisfaction when I looked into her eyes and held her. I really understood the “meaning of life” at that moment and what a great responsibility I had. Such love and joy I felt at that moment.

What are you grateful for each day? What was or is your most satisfying moment in your life? 


30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 7-Childhood Toys

Day 7-What were your favorite childhood toys?

My Childhood and Memories

Let me preface this question with just a little bit of my childhood history. I don’t have a lot of memories of my childhood and what memories I do have are not that great. I was sexually abused by my father from approximately age 4 or 5 to age 12. At least at age 12 the memories fill in for me and I don’t remember any sexual abuse from that time on. I don’t want this post to be a bummer so suffice it to say, I do have just a few memories of toys during my childhood. 

I can remember at age 4, rocking on a rocking horse on the sidewalk in front of our apartment or house. We were in St. Petersburg, FL then. That is all I remember about that age having to do with toys.

I also remember a doll that was as big as me, but I don’t remember my age. I do remember that we were living in Cleveland, OH at the time and we were in the house on Bush Avenue. I attended grade school 1st through 6th grade while we lived in that house. I don’t remember playing with the doll, but I remember being excited that she was as big as me.

The only other toy I remember is a doll called “Chatty Cathy” and I remember playing with her a lot. She had a pull string on her back and when you pulled it she said five or six different phrases. I don’t remember any of them except, “I love you.” That type of doll is not too big of a deal now but in the late ’50’s that was quite unusual. I don’t know what ever happened to that doll, but it impressed me enough to buy a Mattel Baby Beans talking doll and give it to my daughter when she was just a baby. I’m not sure if she still has it, but she might.

That is all I remember about toys as a child. I can’t tell you anymore. How about you? Did you have some favorite toys as a child



30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 6-Aries

Day 6 – What is your zodiac sign and does it fit your personality?

Courtesy of blog.noonswoonapp.com

Aries Woman Walking

My zodiac sign is Aries, the Ram. I was born April 17th. I have never had a reading done, but I have read about my sign and follow my horoscope mostly for fun.

Aries women are strongly independent and that is definitely true for me. I like to do my own thing and hate…hate to ask for help. I like doing the independent thing and not being responsible to anyone else.

Aries women are stubborn. I am generally very stubborn and once I have made up my mind about something it is hard for me to change my mind. This trait has mellowed somewhat with age and self-assurance. I am now more willing to compromise. Along with my stubbornness, I am also dominant. I like being in control and even therapy and Al-anon have not altered this much.

The Aries woman is a survivor. I was told that this trait served me well with my background of childhood sexual abuse. I survived unspeakable abuse at the hands of my perpetrator and yet, I thrived. I found a way to survive the unbearable and come out with a better understanding of who I am and what I can endure. I have a great deal of grit and determination which is what helped me survive.

My negative traits are that I can be argumentative, can appear aggressive, and I have a sarcastic sense of humor. Sometimes I have been described as “the bitch.” This has decreased with age and now I am better at thinking about what I say before I say it. I can also be impulsive and impatient.

The positive side of being an Aries woman is that I am a strong leader, loyal, and alway look for the good in a situation even if it seems hopeless. I look at a hopeless situation and I see a lesson learned and  a challenge to get it right this time.

 I need to do are learn to relax. I practice meditation (guided meditation is my favorite form) for this and I use music to help me learn to chill and take the edge off.

Well, that’s my zodiac history. I don’t completely believe in zodiac signs, but I have to admit that the personality traits are a match for me. What do you believe about zodiac signs and horoscopes?