Danielle and the Church Visit

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Week of 05/27/2015 – 06/02/2015

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 Genre: Flash Fiction

Word Count: 176

                                            This week’s photo is supplied by PricelessJoy

 Danielle and the Church Visit

“Why are we going to visit the church?” Danielle asked.

“To ask for forgiveness.” her mother stated.

“What do I need forgiving for?”

“Well, being pregnant is a start!” mother exclaimed, “Not to speak of the sex involved.”

“Oh, MOTHER!” Daniel responded exasperated.

“Don’t ‘Oh MOTHER’ me!” mother responded.

Danielle looked sullenly to the ground as her mother stared at her.

Her mother said, “I am so embarrassed to have to tell the Pastor about this. What’s he going to think?”

“Stuff happens.This isn’t the first time this has happened in history,” Danielle responded.

They both walked into the church and to the Pastor’s office. He looked up.

“So how can I help you two?” Pastor James asked.

Danielle’s mother said, “She’s pregnant and only 15. What can we do?”

Pastor James took a deep breath and said, “Let’s go into the sanctuary and pray about this.”

Danielle rolled her eyes as her mother said,”Prayer didn’t get her this way!”

Pastor James took another deep breath leading the way.

“Father God we ask…”

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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 8-Satisfied

Day 8-Discuss a moment when you felt most satisfied with your life.

Created by Susan Langer

Gratitude, Life and Birth

It is difficult for me to come up with only one moment that I felt most satisfied with my life. There are so many blessings I have experienced throughout my life that I can recall. Since I have attended Al-anon for help in dealing with the alcoholics in my life, I learned to look at life with a great deal of gratitude daily. I started keeping a Gratitude Journal when I was in my 30’s and still do.

In fact, my six-year-old granddaughter started learning to journal in kindergarten and as I watch her this summer, I have bought her “My First Gratitude Journal” and I am helping her to learn how to journal about gratitude. Today, she wrote that she was grateful for her family and drew a picture beside it in her journal.

I guess, if I have to come up with one moment when I was most satisfied in my life, it would be when I gave birth to my daughter. I had anticipated her birth throughout my pregnancy and although the labor didn’t go as planned and I ended up with a C-section, all the pain and disappointment with the way she had to be delivered was replaced with joy and full satisfaction when I looked into her eyes and held her. I really understood the “meaning of life” at that moment and what a great responsibility I had. Such love and joy I felt at that moment.

What are you grateful for each day? What was or is your most satisfying moment in your life?