30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 7-Childhood Toys

Day 7-What were your favorite childhood toys?

My Childhood and Memories

Let me preface this question with just a little bit of my childhood history. I don’t have a lot of memories of my childhood and what memories I do have are not that great. I was sexually abused by my father from approximately age 4 or 5 to age 12. At least at age 12 the memories fill in for me and I don’t remember any sexual abuse from that time on. I don’t want this post to be a bummer so suffice it to say, I do have just a few memories of toys during my childhood. 

I can remember at age 4, rocking on a rocking horse on the sidewalk in front of our apartment or house. We were in St. Petersburg, FL then. That is all I remember about that age having to do with toys.

I also remember a doll that was as big as me, but I don’t remember my age. I do remember that we were living in Cleveland, OH at the time and we were in the house on Bush Avenue. I attended grade school 1st through 6th grade while we lived in that house. I don’t remember playing with the doll, but I remember being excited that she was as big as me.

The only other toy I remember is a doll called “Chatty Cathy” and I remember playing with her a lot. She had a pull string on her back and when you pulled it she said five or six different phrases. I don’t remember any of them except, “I love you.” That type of doll is not too big of a deal now but in the late ’50’s that was quite unusual. I don’t know what ever happened to that doll, but it impressed me enough to buy a Mattel Baby Beans talking doll and give it to my daughter when she was just a baby. I’m not sure if she still has it, but she might.

That is all I remember about toys as a child. I can’t tell you anymore. How about you? Did you have some favorite toys as a child