30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 6-Aries

Day 6 – What is your zodiac sign and does it fit your personality?

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Aries Woman Walking

My zodiac sign is Aries, the Ram. I was born April 17th. I have never had a reading done, but I have read about my sign and follow my horoscope mostly for fun.

Aries women are strongly independent and that is definitely true for me. I like to do my own thing and hate…hate to ask for help. I like doing the independent thing and not being responsible to anyone else.

Aries women are stubborn. I am generally very stubborn and once I have made up my mind about something it is hard for me to change my mind. This trait has mellowed somewhat with age and self-assurance. I am now more willing to compromise. Along with my stubbornness, I am also dominant. I like being in control and even therapy and Al-anon have not altered this much.

The Aries woman is a survivor. I was told that this trait served me well with my background of childhood sexual abuse. I survived unspeakable abuse at the hands of my perpetrator and yet, I thrived. I found a way to survive the unbearable and come out with a better understanding of who I am and what I can endure. I have a great deal of grit and determination which is what helped me survive.

My negative traits are that I can be argumentative, can appear aggressive, and I have a sarcastic sense of humor. Sometimes I have been described as “the bitch.” This has decreased with age and now I am better at thinking about what I say before I say it. I can also be impulsive and impatient.

The positive side of being an Aries woman is that I am a strong leader, loyal, and alway look for the good in a situation even if it seems hopeless. I look at a hopeless situation and I see a lesson learned and  a challenge to get it right this time.

 I need to do are learn to relax. I practice meditation (guided meditation is my favorite form) for this and I use music to help me learn to chill and take the edge off.

Well, that’s my zodiac history. I don’t completely believe in zodiac signs, but I have to admit that the personality traits are a match for me. What do you believe about zodiac signs and horoscopes?


Honor Your Inner Soul

Honor your inner soul is the last in this series about your inner soul “Who Am I?” If you would like to connect with the prior posts in the series just click below:
“Who Am I?” Journey
Opening Your Soul
How do I honor this inner soul voice that I have discovered? First, I recognized what believe this, I live a spiritual and physical life. Once I connect and know my “soul-self”, I give off pure light, courage, strength, and unconditional love. I move through all the layers that I built up over the years to this point and view my life through my inner soul’s perspective. This helps me to appreciate the divine inner soul of others.

To honor your divinity, to live a spiritual and physical life of happiness, serenity, abundant health, and to experience a loving and successful relationship, it’s important to understand and get to know your true essence – your soul. You must begin to reach inwards to meet your soul, to move through all the layers of what’s been built up inside and around you over the years.
As you listen to me, you feel your inner soul’s urgings. Listen and connect with your inner soul voice. Stop sleepwalking through your life and listen. This is the way to honor your inner soul.
John Holland, From the Ohm Article, “Are You Honoring Your Soul?”, says: 
…push forward through their comfort zone, beyond their natural boundaries…
…The more you connect with your soul, the more you’ll remember your divine nature. This week, try to honor yourself by spending some quiet time in contemplation, prayer, meditation, journaling, or even a slow walk outdoors in nature (without the iTunes blaring in your ears), whether it’s first thing at dawn or as the sun’s setting…


Aspire Magazine tells us:
Each of us has access to the wisest counsel of all – that still, small voice within all of us that feels authentic, powerful and true. Honoring its messages can lead to greater creativity, improved physical well-being, and joy and can direct you in every area of your life. Learning to listen to and honor your inner wisdom expands the field of possibility, increases synchronicities [“meaningful coincidences.”] and empowers your faith and belief in yourself.
Making a connection with my inner soul voice is my choice. The more frequently I connect, the more I become one with myself and know myself spiritually. The more I connect, the more I desire to hear my inner soul voice and know myself. But at the end of the day, your inner soul desires that you be at peace with yourself. This is expressed beautifully by Bill Fay in his song, “Be At Peace With Yourself”



Be At Peace With Yourself – Bill Fry

At the end of the day
Ain’t nobody else
Gonna walk
In your shoes
Quite the way
You do

So be at Peace with yourself
And keep a spring in your heel
And keep climbing that hill
And be at Peace
With yourself

In the cold winter chill
When the wind blows like hell
There’s a way
Where there’s a will
Don’t cry over
Milk that spilt

At the end of the day
Ain’t nobody else
Gonna walk in your shoes
Quite the way that you do

So be at Peace with yourself
And keep a spring in your heel
And keep climbing that hill
And be at Peace with yourself

(At the end of the day
Ain’t nobody else
Gonna walk in your shoes
Quite the way that you do

So be at Peace with yourself
Keep a spring in your heel
Keep climbing that hill
And be at Peace with yourself)


Let me know if you are connecting, listening and honoring your inner soul, that still small voice within you. Also, tell me if you like Bill Fay’s song.

Until next time,








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