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100 word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#153

The prompt this week will hopefully get those humorous juices working! It is:

…but my poor old feet…

Come on, make me smile!

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Genre: flash fiction

Word Count: 104

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Cross Country


I’m taking Cross Country at school. I’m in 7th grade and like trying new things. My mom warned me that if I started, I’d finish. Well, she always says that.

I tried the running thing! Really, I did. It was too hard! Every day running…but my poor old feet…couldn’t take it, aching and blistered…real blisters! I told her I had to quit for my health. Do you believe she said “No!” I couldn’t believe it!

She’s teaching me a lesson? With gymnastics and scouts, she let me quit. Now? Now? She needs to make a point?

…but my poor old feet…?

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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 4-Religion

Day 4- Discuss your views on religion.

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My Spiritual Views

I prefer to think of myself as spiritual, not religious. There are lots of religions in the world including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, on and on but to me it is not as important what religion that you follow as it is important that you believe in God as you understand Him. 

I am a Christian and believe that Jesus was God in man’s form and came down to earth to save us from ourselves. Although, I am Christian, I do not attend church except by radio broadcast from Christ The Cornerstone Church in FL. This is the church that I attended when I lived in St. Petersburg before moving to Nashville. It is a non-denominational church which is why I attended this church. The rules were simple. Love God, love Jesus, love yourself, love your fellow man. Those are rules I live with and believe in.

Some churches do more harm than good. They expect you to clean up your act before attending their church. They do not reach out to the broken-hearted, poor in spirit, those who really need help and understanding. It takes some church exploration before you find a church you can live in, live with and attend regularly. 

Every day, I see hurting people trying to do it alone without the help of God and I ask why. I know that when I was deeply hurt and troubled that I needed God’s help and perspective. So why don’t you try God? He hasn’t let me down and He won’t let you down either.


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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 3-Pet Peeves

Day 3- What are your 5 top pet peeves?

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Pet Peeves

Pet peeves need some thought from me. I usually don’t focus on the negative, but I am sure I have some. Hmmm…

I guess, #1 is that I don’t like clutter. People that clutter make me think that their mind is as cluttered as the area that they occupy. I like to pick up as soon as there is a slight mess. That way you don’t have large messes to clean up. This was one problem I faced when I move in with my daughter and her family. My daughter is very clean but two kids ages 3 and 6 are clutter bugs. They bring lots of toys into my studio and I can only handle it for so long and have to ask them to clean and straighten up.

#2 is that I don’t like being in crowds. I really feel like I am drowning in people when there are more than a few people around me. This became a challenge again when I moved to Nashville with my daughter and her family. Just the 5 of us is fine. But, once a week she has a dinner that includes our family (5) plus two other couples who are close friends and sometimes another one or two guests of theirs. It took some getting used to. I talked with my daughter and her husband and we have compromised because all the people, even though we are close, I’m a bit overwhelmed. The compromise is that I can stay in my studio and take dinner there if I would like or I can join all of them for dinner but excuse myself after dinner and return to my area. This is working out well and I sometimes stay in the studio and sometimes join all of them. It is up to me.

#3 is that I don’t like going out places as much as the rest of the family and it is for the same reason as #2. We have worked it out that I am always invited, but sometimes I go and sometimes I don’t. It is my choice.

#4 is that I hate a sink full of dirty dishes. I got used to living alone and always kept the dishes either done or in the dishwasher waiting for a full load but they were out of sight. Living in a family of five, especially with 2 small children, there are always dirty dishes in the sink. When we first moved, I was too disabled to be able to help but as I got stronger, I volunteered to do the dishes each day. That way the problem is solved and my daughter and son-in-law appreciate the help and lack of clutter in the kitchen.

#5 (the last one) is that I am rather strong-willed and don’t like to have other people tell me what to do. They can suggest, but the final decision has to be mine. This really isn’t too much a problem because we all trust each other and treat each other with respect.

Well, there you have it. I really struggled to come up with 5 of them, but those are my pet peeves.

See you tomorrow,