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My task is to write a complete story, Beginning, Middle, and End in 100 words.

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Genre: historical flash

Word Count: 99

PHOTO PROMPT – © Santoshwriter



Raindrops fell from the magnolia leaves with the slight breeze. California needed the rain with this drought. The forecast promised more rain tomorrow, but everyone held their breath.

Cooled after the rainfall, Patty enjoyed a slow-paced walk while she thought about how the drought affected her life. More expensive food and gas were just part of the cost. Fewer people migrated to the state with the decreased rainfall. The reservoirs, ponds, and rivers were extremely low.

Something had to happen. Everyone lived in fear of what was next.

Living in fear was no way to live at all!



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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 2-ODAT

Day 2-Where would you like to be in 10 years?


10 years is a long time, especially for me because I live by Al-anons suggested ODAT or One Day At A Time. I always focus on today and trying to live better today than I did yesterday. I focus on the NOW rather than on the future. 10 years from today, I hope that I will be alive and still writing, blogging, and creating poetry in retirement for a living.

I hope that my blogs are well established with good followers and readers for each one. I hope that my grandchildren, who will be 13 and 16 at that time, will still love grandma as much as they do today. I  hope that my daughter and her husband love each other as much or more than they do today. I hope that my ex will be alive and prospering in his personal life. I hope that my friends will also be prospering in their personal and professional lives.

Of course, when I say hope I also mean praying as well. Ultimately He is in charge and control, I’m not. So for me living daily, enjoying each day the gifts that I have been given is all I can ask for ODAT.