30 Day Blogging Challenge-Day 1-Relationships

Day 1-Discuss your current relationship.


It’s Complicated 

My current relationships are complicated. I am divorced but still friends with my ex. In fact, he is renting the home I own in FL since I’ve moved to TN with my daughter, Melanie and her family. I live with them actually in an in-law suite that is a large studio.

I see my daughter, my two grandchildren, ages 3 and 6, and my son-in-law daily. I have close relationships with all of them but also have a place where I can be alone in peace and quiet if the noise and busyness ge to me. I share my studio with Guiness-my rescue dog and Cleo & Elvis-my two rescue cats. Elvis is a new addition to my family and he is still getting used to the place.

Yes, my relationships have changed with time but I enjoy them and am not looking for other things to complicate my life. After all, I am retired and own three blogs and that is enough excitement for me today.