Speak Gazebo Speak!

FFfAW Week of May 20, 2015

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge

100-150-word story (give or take 25)to the photo prompt below.

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Genre: Poetry

Word Count: 140

(c) Dawn M. Miller

Speak Gazebo Speak!

Spring sun shines down
on the gazebo rooftop.
Evergreens witness
the sun’s warmth.
The gazebo invites
encounters by all;
birds, squirrels, people.
Each communicates.
Gazebo birds
sing spring songs.
Squirels fritter back
and forth with nuts.
Gazebo people meet
for clandestine encounter.
Soft voices in hushed tones
speak of love and betrayal.
Cold temperature flees
the gazebo meetings of
birds, squirrels, and people
with each on their own journey.
Warm temperatures invite
songs and actions and whispers
from those around seeking
springtime communion.
Communion of
songs of springtime,
actions of nut harvesting,
and clandestine love whispers.
Gazebo withstands
times’ test of beauty,
of frolicking, of love,
and life’s betrayals.
If only the gazebo
could speak the tales
of others’ encounters
and communion.
What words would be whispered?
What actions would be taken?
What songs would be sung?
Speak Gazebo Speak!


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