Lessons From The Birds

100 word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#149

Hosted by Julia from Julia’s Place

Julia wrote…I am very lucky to have a garden and even luckier that a variety of birds visit each day. At the moment we have 2/3 blackbirds who are really ruling the roost so to speak. They are beautiful song birds I know, but they are having a conversation. You can tell with the intonation of the sounds and the responses from another birds.

So, your prompt this week is to write that conversation! It can be about anything. Doesn’t have to be ‘bird stuff’. Take it where you like. I may even read some of them in the garden and see what response I get from the birds!


The link will be open until Sunday 25th May

Well, I didn’t look at my calendar until after I wrote and published this post. I found out it was from 2014 not 2015 so I was a little late. It’s an enjoyable read anyway, so have at it…


Genre: Flash Fiction

Word Count: 93

Lessons From The Birds


“How did you get all these birds to come to your garden?” Peggy asked.

“It’s all in the flowers you plant and the trees that are here,” Janet responded.

“Look how they talk to each other. They just chatter and sing all day long,” Peggy said.

“I know. I love how birds talk to each other. If only us humans could learn to communicate like the birds,” Janet replied.

Peggy responded, “You are so right but how do we show this?”

“Communication is what it is all about,” they both said in unison.


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