The Port


Thanks go out to the hostess of Friday Fictioneers, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

My task is to write a complete story, Beginning, Middle, and End in 100 words.

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Genre: Flash Fiction Poetry

Word Count: 100

© Dee Lovering

The Port


“I agreed to meet you at the port,” Lily said.

“I’m in big trouble with Linda,” Justin replied,”She’s suspicious.”

“You should have told her,” she stated.

” I love you, honey. I can’t tell her yet,” he pleaded, “My kids need me.”

“And me?” she demanded.

“You’re strong. The kids aren’t,” Jason put his arm around her.

“I guess,” Lily whined.

I love you. I’ll tell her soon, promise,” Jason said.

“Al-l-l-l right,” she sighed.

“For now, I need to stay home awhile,” Jason advised before leaving.

Again, she sighed walking away. “Soon we’ll be together. Soon,” Lily thought.



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