Lessons From The Pond


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Genre: Poetry

Word Count: 164

(c) Dawn M.Miller

Lessons From The Pond

by Susan Langer

Pond thawed

early spring day.

Sun rises in East.

Trees just budding.

Pond’s water cold

yet to warm.

Wild animals skitter

to and fro.

Sun rises over pond.

Sun warms the animals.

Sun brings new growth

to trees and man alike.

Spring brings hope.

Hope for growth…

hope for new life…

hope to start afresh.

Life is like the pond

cold at first, then sun

warming as life anew

springs into being.

Animals know life.

Trees know life;

new life each spring and

death in its own season.

We can learn life’s wisdom

from the animals as they live;

no worry of yesterday…

no worry of tomorrow.

The trees and pond live

wisely in the moment given.

Animals question not

their maker as to why.

We can learn from spring.

We can learn from trees.

We can learn from animals.

We can learn from the pond.

Take life as given.

Question not why.

Assume not life is forever.

Death comes in its own season.

Author Notes
Photo (c) Dawn M. Miller

© Susan Langer. All rights reserved


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