Baby Crying

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Genre: Flash Fiction

Word Count: 156

 Baby Crying

Everyone heard the baby crying. It echoed throughout the 8th Street Subway Station. People looked around for the baby but could not find it. One young man searched behind a garbage can. Another looked down at the tracks but saw nothing. A young woman entered the ladies restroom.

In the last stall, she found the baby. He was still crying as she picked him up. His tears subsided as she rocked him. The baby was alone with no name and no signs of provisions. The woman left the restroom and approached a policeman with the baby. She told her story and child protection was called.

The  child protection worker asked the cursory questions for history and circumstances and gathered the baby. The baby boy with no name left for the agency crying. More crying started as the stone-faced worker walked away.

The woman sobbed saying, “Such a sad life for a crying baby with no name.”

Help Spread the word. There are safe haven laws in situations where the mother does not want to keep her baby.

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