April Remembered



100 word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#149

Hosted by Julia from Julia’s Place

Julia wrote, “I really don’t remember the end of March and here we are with  the end of April waving to us. I’m not keen on April usually for all sorts of historical reasons. This year hasn’t been too bad and as it has sped by I haven’t really noticed it. What do you think of it as a month? Has it always been good for you with spring, sun and blossoms? Let me know in a creative piece.”

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Genre: Flash

Word Count: 99

April Remembered


April has much significance for me as I was born on April 17, 1951. The first April I remember was at 4 years old. My father took me to see my sister, Dora, at Saint Mary’s Hospital on my birthday. She was 4 years older and hospitalized with Polio.

I was not allowed up to see her but waved to her on the third-floor room from the lawn. She waved back of course and I started to cry because I missed her so much. It was and still is a bittersweet memory that a 3-year-old could not completely understand.



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