Life Lost To A Thief



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My task is to write a complete story, Beginning, Middle, and End in 100 words.

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Genre: Flash Fiction Poetry

Word Count: 100

(c) Roger Bultot

Life Lost To A Thief

Smoke fills the street.
Sadness fills the air.
Burning embers ignite.
Life lost tonight.

Fire ignites while napping
Alone and forgetful,
lonely, and sad,
Memory so bad.

Stove left on
and candle lit.
Some may wonder
Was something torn asunder.

Health stolen at fifty.
Memory stolen at sixty.
Life stolen at sixty-four.
Nothing left evermore.

Alzheimer’s struck
a terrible blow
on a cool summer’s day
while one was away.

Smoke is long gone.
Though smells remain.
Street is now empty
…the final history.

A life once young
is lost to tragedy,
Sadness, and grief.
Life lost to a thief.


Author Notes
Poem to a picture prompt for flash fiction challenge. Picture (c) Roger Bultot.

© Susan Langer. All rights reserved.


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