The Band Played On

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Genre: Flash Fiction

Word Count: 101

(c) David Stewart

The Band Played On

The band played on. This was the last band concert because of the sale. In the name of progress, the park had been sold by the city to a developer. Few people attended tonight which was the reason for the sale. Three lone protesters held signs.

The mayor’s mood was celebratory. The sale meant the books were in the black. Bands, gazebos, and parks were in the past. The millennials paid little attention to such things. They cherished their iPhones and computers, not tradition.

Nobody would miss the band concerts. If you wanted music, use your iPod.

And the band played…


By the end of 2013, 81% of millennials owned a smartphone. Right now the Internet is ablaze with stories about young people …

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Friendship and Social Media

Social media has impacted our lives and has changed how we define friendship today. I lived alone for several years before I moved to Tennessee with my daughter and her family. During that time alone, I wasn’t affected much by social media. I was on Facebook and usually checked in every couple of days, but didn’t consider those listed as “friends” on that site, truly my friends. Friends were people you invested time with both physically by face-to-face interactions and emotionally by sharing you deepest, dearest thoughts and dreams. The people I connected with on Facebook were acquaintances that only knew what I wanted them to know about me. It was possible to portray myself differently online than in-person. There was no intimacy involved as there is with true friendship.
Now, living in Tennessee, I view friendship differently; what it is and isn’t. Social media gives us access to many people across the country and the world. These people, most likely, will never meet us. Most will not even talk with us on the phone. So, can we really call them friends? Are they really friends or has our definition of friendship changed since the evolution of social media?
When I started my three blogs that I write, I really became aware of what social media is and how it can help you as a blogger. That is when I started social media marketing. This was the beginning of my baptism by fire into many of the social media sites. There are literally hundreds you can belong to, but I maxed out my ability to connect with the social media sites I visit daily at 5. I belong to a total of 11 sites.

The 5 that I actively participate in are:

  1. Facebook (including 2 fan pages and one group/community that I run and multiple other groups that I visit)
  2. Twitter (including 2 login identities using one for my pet blog and one for the other two blogs)
  3. LinkedIn (plus Group involvement)
  4. Google+ (including Circle and Group involvement)
  5. WordPress (where I started my three blogs)
I also visit less often the other 6–Pinterest, Tumbler, Triberr, Bloglovin, Stumbleupon, and Reddit. Do I actively participate in all of these social media sites? The answer is NO. I can not handle even the 5 that I visit daily, but I make a good effort to stay actively involved in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and WordPress. I would need to clone myself to be active in all the other social media sites, but with the help of a program called Hootsuite, I can market each of my new blogs on all of the sites including a few I didn’t mention.
I admit that social media has affected me and my close relationships and since I’ve moved to Nashville, I have made very few friends (face-to-face type). I also admit that I don’t have all the answers about how we are impacted by this phenomenon. I do know I am evaluating my active involvement in the 5 major sites that I actively participate in. I realize that I need to develop real-time, face-to-face friendships here in my new city. I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I feel I am on the right track.
C.S. Lewis/Courtesy of Goodreads
How involved are you with social media? How many hours per day do you spend facebooking, tweeting, googling on Google+ or other sites? How has your involvement in social media affected you, your family relationships, and your real-life friendships?
Is social media affecting your real-life relationships? Is this a problem for you? Are you evaluating your relationships and coming up with a new or different plan? Think about your time-management and the total hours you spend daily on social media. God gives us only 24 hours a day and how we use those hours won’t be added to the next 24 hours we are given. So, I end this blog post with many questions and I ask you to question yourself and your commitment to social media. Only you know if it is a problem or not.
Please comment and let me know what you think.


(c) CG Jung

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Solar Eclipses and Kings

Events influencing this weeks challenge were two phenomena occurring; (1) the eclipse of the HUGE sun by the much smaller moon with an atmosphere of stillness and peace whilst it was happening and (2) the procession of the remains of the last king of England to die in battle, Richard III. So, the prompt this week:

…when the daylight returned the king was dead…

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Genre: Flash Fiction

Word Count: 100

Solar Eclipses and Kings


Solar eclipses and kings dying happen infrequently. It was no surprise when the daylight returned the king was dead. What was more befitting a king’s death than an eclipse; both divine interventions that humankind had no control over.

The only one mourning the death of the king was the queen. The country was relieved when he died. He ruled with an iron fist and no compassion. Even his children celebrated his death. The oldest son was crowned before his father was entombed.

“Long live the King!” the crowd shouted. Would the new king be better? No one knew for sure.

…March 20, 2015. The total eclipse of the sun was only visible in the Faroe Islands and the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean. Reuters


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Being Homeless


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Genre: Flash Fiction

Word Count: 158

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 Being Homeless

Amanda, being homeless, walked past the apartments when going to school from the shelter. She wondered what it would be like to live there. Amanda and her mom lived in the homeless shelter the last six months. Her mom lost her job and apartment when they couldn’t pay the rent. 

Amanda missed her old apartment, her friends, and her old school. She had some new friends, but they weren’t allowed in the shelter. Their parents wouldn’t let them go there. They said, “That place is dirty and not safe.” Amanda missed her dog, Comet, also. Her mom took him away when they moved. She didn’t know where Comet was now. She cried thinking about Comet.

Amanda dreamed of the day that she and her mom and Comet could go back home again. Or maybe they could move to these pretty apartments…just maybe. She knew that dreams could come true. Being homeless, she had to believe in dreams.

Unspoken Words

As a side note…
This story and above and Amanda are fictional, but the plight of homeless children is real. In November 2014, The Huffington Post  reported 1 in 30 children in the United States is homeless due to poverty, domestic violence, job loss and many other reasons. For more information, I encourage you to become more informed about homeless children in the United States or wherever you live by reading the article at  and watching the video below.